Uphill, Downhill

Another magnificent hike, thank you Harald!

It was a scorching hot day, 25 degrees, and we opted to do the hike called Uphill, Downhill….with good reason, which was 13 kms.  It’s good that we were wise and restricted it to that length of walk as by midday it was simply too hot to move at more than a snail’s pace.

The countryside was truly beautiful and the ever changing scent of the earth, flora, and the occasional chicken coop as we passed through villages…..was delightful.  Rather than ramble on, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

I will remain forever grateful to my friend Harald for all the marvelous hikes this trip.  They’ve not only been incredibly beautiful and enjoyable but they have also helped build my own confidence around hiking here in the Algarve, interpreting the signs (which are not always totally clear), and making the time to drive to find these trails.


8 thoughts on “Uphill, Downhill

  1. When I saw that you were in the Vaqueiros area I knew why it was so gorgeous. I love the open wildness of this region! Any idea when the Hot Bread & Cheese Festival is this year? As you know, it’s my favourite.


    1. Clearly you didn’t read yesterdays blog……….we were at the hot bread and cheese festival. I would have thought your ears would have been burning!!! Big Hugs


  2. How is it we can experience so many special moments in such a small area of the world.


    1. Couldn’t agree more. How fortunate we are.


  3. Really enjoyed seeing more of Portugal through your eyes than my two legs will ever allow me to do! Your love of natural beauty in the landscapes and the people is contagious! Harald’s dessert looked very ‘tasty’…hope it was as good as it appeared. Thanks for the poppies, Randy, your header photo is fabulous! Another wonderful hiking memory!


    1. We can get you out on a lovely smaller hike and you too will get to see all this loveliness up close.


  4. Your pictures are just stunning, Randy. Absolutely beautiful.


    1. Merci. It’s difficult not to take lovely photos with such a wonderful subject matter!


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