Fonte da Benémola Again!!

A day filled with expended energy, not all of it positive.   I won’t get into the particulars but, we are having a “not so pleasant” experience with SEF, the Portuguese Immigration system and a large chunk of time this morning was spent trying to sort some of that out.  At this stage in my life, anything to do with having to sort out government issues is a colossal waste of time, but sadly, necessary at times.   And that’s the last I have to say on the subject…..for now!!!

I did enjoy (immensely) my Portuguese lesson.  It thrills me to come home with a new word or two but more importantly, a new understanding of some of the cultural differences.  Then, to help make it a pleasant day, the patio at the NEhikeW Snack Bar com Tradição ( our friends Ana and Simão sold it two weeks ago) was open for the first time and a bunch of us, including  Simão, were there for lunch.  I’m happy it’s reopened as we were missing the ability to head down to the square for a spontaneous lunch or drink.

From there, Pat, Gary, Morgaine (Pat’s niece) headed off to the Fonte da Benémola for a lovely hike.  What an oasis of calm in a hectic day, both the wanderings themselves, but more importantly, the wandering with old friends.

I’m sad to report that ALL of my photos of orchids, of which there were plenty, had to be trashed as my macro function has stopped functioning!!!   They were all blurry although I did manage to save one that was on the cusp of clarity….you’ll see.

Thoroughly enjoyed the walk in the intense Portuguese sunshine.  The sound of the babbling brook (I think it might be a tiny river), the company and the fun in searching for new flora.  And, I think when one expends this kind of energy, there is only one thing waiting at the end to make it a perfect experience.


4 thoughts on “Fonte da Benémola Again!!

  1. What a day!! Loved hanging out with these wonderful people. And to find these orchids…a bonus.


    1. The best flower I saw today was YOU!


  2. I bet that stone wheel was a leftover from Fred Flintstones car!!

    Looks like a lovely day was had by all. No mention of the two other hooligans, I wonder what they got up to.

    Great selfie of you and Pat.



    1. Marc and Patricia explored Estoi, which Patricia loved.


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