Barranco do Velho

Today was my last hike with Harald, for this season, as he and Bela head back to Germany on Thursday.  It made the hike feel bittersweet.  That said, what another wonderful hike it was and this time we enjoyed the company of Laurie, Diane, Patricia, and Gary.

The hike (according to my Fit Bit) was 6.7 kms.   A gorgeous old mountain road curving up and down the side of a deep ravine.   The wildflowers were in abundance, which delighted many, and the sunshine and heat, sensational.

We had planned to lunch together at the end of the hike and what a great meal we had.

A wonderful day all around.   We headed home with full tummies, happy muscles and newly minted memories.  Life remains good in our corner of the world.


3 thoughts on “Barranco do Velho

  1. Every time, I am just amazed at your pictures, Randy. Whether they show nature or food, they are just magnificent. Does it ever rain in Portugal? It looks like the sun is always shining in your photos.
    10 degrees and bright sunshine as well here in Toronto. But snow and cooler on Friday. You are not missing much, Pat.


    1. Joëlle, thanks so much for the compliment. In terms of rain, we have had very little since arriving on November 11th and what we have had, has for the most part, happened overnight. Very very lucky this year. As you can see, Patricia is getting a tan and she is still smiling since touching down two full weeks ago. She is a happy woman.


      1. Thanks Randy. I guess that as long as there is rain falling at night it is alright.
        Yes, I can see that Pat is enjoying herself. She may decide to stay in Portugal for ever!


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