A Happy Hump Day

When you work, hump day (Wednesday) can sometimes be a good thing, sometimes bad, depending on your perspective.   When you are retired, or on vacation, it’s a whole other sentiment.   This hump day was a grand one!   Sunshine, cleaning lady, a trip in the mountains, great food, good company, a stop to check out local pottery, and in some cases, actually make purchases.  And the days not over just yet.

Following a morning of relaxing on the upstairs terrace, we headed off for Bemparce, something that was on Laurie’s list from last year.

On the way home we stopped at a place that we were considering for Marc’s birthday dinner in April, Vila Monte.  We had a walk through, looked at the evening menu and have made a reservation.  We’ve been there for lunch in the past but never an evening, looking very much forward to that.

As we were in Moncarapacho, we decided to make a stop at the local pottery and check things out.

A wonderful day and our return to a spotlessly clean, and wonderfully scented house.  How could anything be wrong in the day after that?

And in closing, my final succulent flower of the day……quite tiny, never seen by me before.


2 thoughts on “A Happy Hump Day

  1. Thanks again for my little mini vacation in Portugal….I grew up on Douro Street in Stratford…had no idea it was likely named by someone from Portugal❤️


    1. I love that piece of information. You are probably correct.


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