Loulé Lovely Loulé

I had promised to take Laurie to Loulé today as there were a few things she wanted to pick up at the market to take back to Canada.  As her time here in the Algarve is winding down, we decided today would be a perfect one to head off.  With Pat in tow, Marc ensconced at home and running a few errands around town, off we headed.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time wandering around the old quarter and in and out of stores.  I took walks in the sunshine and left Laurie and Pat to shop as they wished.  Happy to say, both of them found purchases and the revenue in Loulé climbed today!!

Lunch time rolled around and we were determined to be outside on the sunny side of the street.  We felt we were “settling” because it was a challenge to find a place in the sun with a vacant table but……..the sign/menu for the restaurant may have turned people off but what a surprise.  The food turned out to be wonderful.

Funny thing happened though.   Laurie had decided to order a tostas with ham, cheese, caramelized onions, tomatoes, and an interesting sounding sauce.  At the last second Pat decided to share with her so they upped it from a “small” to the “larger” version.  Imagine their surprise (and mine) when they received the following platter!!!


Yup……eight sandwiches!!!!!!!   LOL    What’s a girl(s) to do………DRINK.  Delicious white sangria laced with loads of fruit.   Helped to wash down the tostas!!!

I had a wonderful pizza of thinly sliced chorizo and presunto.  One of the best I’ve had this year….pizza’s that is.


And finally, a walk back to the car for the drive home…….a delightful and productive day.


And on the route home…….our first wisteria of the season………


2 thoughts on “Loulé Lovely Loulé

  1. So, what did the ladies buy? I love the blue shoes. Which ones did you choose for you and Marc? Looks like a lovely day!


    1. Laurie bought two hand painted plates for her wall….one with oranges, one with lemons. She also bought sea salts, herbs and piri piri mix. Pat bought several pairs of earrings and many bags of salt as well. Good day for them both. The blue shoes were the ones I thought would work for Marc…..LOL For me, the rainbow dotted ones!!! Off course I am kidding about both pairs.


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