Rocha Da Pena for a second time!!

Today was a glorious (repeat for me) hike to the Rocha Da Pena, the first hike I did this year with my friend Harald.   I had been looking forward to returning, especially at this time of year as I anticipated the many wildflowers and hopefully, orchids.   I was not at all disappointed and our entire crew delighted in the sunshine, the sharing of the day and the gorgeous views from the top.

We drove the route through the mountains and arrived at our destination in good time, just as the day was starting to heat up but not overwhelming.  Joan and Pat M had accompanied us with a crib board and cards in tow…….they thought it best to sit this one out yet enjoy the drive and a tea or two on the patio of the small cafe next to the hiking trail.

I was not at all disappointed in the wildflowers…..the trail was congested with cistus, both the purple and small white variety, as well as countless clusters of all kinds of wild plants.

We stopped frequently along the route for photo taking, simply standing and taking in the vista and on occasion, chatting with other hikers.  The paths were much busier this time than when I last hiked it.

The end of the mountain trail ends at the tiny village of Penina, which you walk through before catching the last of the path to the “finish line”.  Walking through the village provided a few photo ops!

Great day, great hike.  We wound our way back to the car then onwards to Salir for lunch before heading home.   As we arrived back at the car, there on the patio, two of the locals playing cards and giggling…..


5 thoughts on “Rocha Da Pena for a second time!!

  1. I LOVE that pic of Laurie. lol Looks like a great hike. Beautiful flowers and I could smell the Freesia.


    1. It is a great shot. You would have loved being with us for sure.


  2. Great day for a hike, love the photos of the flowers, so colourful! As were the cheeks of all the hikers! Also, a great day to enjoy a gab in the sunshine and a game of cribbage with one of the best and not get skunked! LOL!


    1. Do you have proof you didn’t get skunked?


      1. I can assert that she was not skunked! She played quite well!,,

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