Lazy Sunday

Today was the first opportunity to take both Laurie and Patricia to one of the local gypsy markets, specifically Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo!  Ask us how much fun we have saying that over and over quickly!!

It was another gorgeous day and both Marc and Diane opted to stay at home which permitted me to whisk the others away at 10 a.m..

The market was not as well attended as previous ones, despite the warm and sunny day.  That said, because neither Laurie nor Patricia had been to a market yet this trip, they enjoyed it immensely.  Because I have been to several I settled them into the market grounds then I headed off for a long lovely walk in and around the village.  I love exploring.

I enjoyed my wanderings and found the village was empty and quite tranquil.  People were either at the market or at the mass.

I wandered for an hour or so then headed back to the market grounds to see how the “potential” shoppers were doing.  As I rounded the corner heading into the grounds, I spotted them and Pat, Gary, and Dawn had arrived.


Both Pat and Laurie had had some success with their shopping and had one last thing to do before we headed off.   I enjoyed a walk around the grounds but did manage to catch them in action without their knowledge.


Marvelous morning!  The three of us headed into Olhão to pick up a few things at the grocery then home where we discovered Marc had prepared lunch for all of us…..what a treat.   From there the four of us, with Diane in tow, headed down to visit Pat, Gary, Joan, and Dawn for a good rowdy card game of Oh Shit!!!!!!

Life passes by so quickly for all of us with the many activities, get togethers and the intoxicating heat of the daily sunshine.   Tomorrow we are off for a hike that we’ve been wanting to do again (we’ve done it in years past).   Hopefully we all sleep well tonight!!

4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Those flowers sold in bundles are beautiful!! I can tell you now if I were there my place would be filled with all these stunning splashes of colour and scents.

    The plant growing out of the crack in the wall is quite lovely. As for the Passionflower…. no words are needed there.
    The Bottlebrush Tree is gorgeous too.
    Redbud??? No way, that’s a pinkbud! LOL

    Ohhhhhh, Pat and Laurie are at the knife table!!! Fingers crossed that they remember me here in cold and lonely Canada.

    Where is the blog with all the details of the big gathering you all had on… Saturday??? { I think }

    I look forward to tomorrow’s blog.

    xoxoxoxox to all of you!


    1. LOL. Yes, the flowers here are quite gorgeous, and at the markets, cheap! I’d love to have a garden here that I could create. No blog for Saturday’s party. I keep that kind of personal stuff, that involves many others, out of the blog.


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