Hiking Makes My Heart Happy

My Portuguese lesson this morning was all about prepositions!!!   My head was so clustered and full that the only way I was going to sort it all out was to take a lovely long walk in Mother Nature’s backyard, which is exactly what I did!

Patricia M, Marc and Diane opted to stay in Estoi and enjoy a tiny sojourn in the square with coffee after lunch.  Laurie and I headed off to connect with Pat K, Gary, Dawn and Joan, who had headed to São Romão for lunch, then onward to the Fonte da Benémola Trail, which I’ve already hiked a few times this year.  It’s close, beautiful and I knew that many of the wildflowers and orchids I wanted to see would be available to me there.  I wasn’t at all disappointed.

The hills were alive with colour and what should probably have taken us a little over an hour took us closer to two and a half.  Delightful!

Wonderful and energizing was my hike.  I’m not further ahead in sorting out my prepositions BUT, my head is less muddled and perhaps when I look at my notes next it will all make more sense to me.

And finally…..every patient and happy to see us………Miss Joannie


2 thoughts on “Hiking Makes My Heart Happy

  1. What a perfect day for a hike! I got all excited when I read ‘naked man’ until I realized it was a flower! Such a tease! LOL!


    1. We’ll see what we can do about hiding one in your bedroom for you!!!


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