Laurie’s Time is Winding Down…..but not her list!!

With Laurie heading back to Canada soon, we are trying to do a few things from her list so she can “check them off”!!  Today there was a threat of rain, thankfully it did not manifest and so we headed off, umbrellas and rain jackets in tow, to Castro Marim.  Pat and Marc opted to stay at home and enjoy a tranquil Sunday and Dawn, who is staying with Pat and Gary, decided to accompany us.  Turned out to be perfect.

Castro Marim, on the top of one hill stands a castle, on the other a star-shaped fort. Between them the houses of the town, with their white walls, brightly-painted chimneys and cascading bougainvillea.  We practically had the town to ourselves on this very quiet sleepy Sunday.

Wandering around the castle was lots of fun.  We climbed the walls to enjoy the views across the Guadiana River, over to Ayamonte, Spain and off to Monto Gordo and the mighty Atlantic then back into the hills, over the salt flats and up into the many-tiered orchards.  Quite the beautiful location, you can understand why there is a castle and a fortress!


We decided to wander and explore a bit more of the village before stopping for lunch.  Honestly, the streets were empty and it truly felt as if we were all alone.

Lunch options seemed to be limited and because of that we opted to stop at a small snack bar on the main street.  Lunch was simple but tasty.  We smiled at Laurie’s heart shaped tostas!


Our final bit of Castro Marim was to climb the hillside and explore around the fortress.  It’s never been open to the public but the hike up and back is enjoyable in it’s own right.

Truly a great day and we headed for home quite satisfied with our Castro Marim visit.  We decided onroute to stop for a quick walk in Cacela Velha as neither Laurie nor Dawn had visited previously.  We enjoy a lovely walk on the beach to check out the fiddler crabs and to simply enjoy the sunshine.

And as we walked back to the car we saw a lovely plum tree, covered in fruit.  A perfect end to our perfect day.


2 thoughts on “Laurie’s Time is Winding Down…..but not her list!!

  1. It looks like a lovely time at Marim. We still have not made our way to St Antonio’s church. It looks lovey 💞


    1. It is lovely but sadly, never open when I am there. Would love to see you two again… in touch.


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