Tavira Uncovered

Saturday is normally a market day but on this particular Saturday, we had a few errands we wanted to run that took us to one of our favourite Algarvian towns, Tavira.  It was a warm and sunny day, perfect for wandering and both Laurie and Pat were interested in some exploration and “perhaps”……just “perhaps” a little shopping, and so, shortly after 9.am. off we headed.

One of the things we wanted to do was to head up to the old castle and see what was blooming in the gardens.  It wasn’t as gorgeous as it usually is but it still satisfied.

We had gone our separate ways to accomplish our individual tasks and agreed to meet at the Roman Bridge in an hour and a half.  I thoroughly enjoyed wandering and taking a couple of smaller streets that I had yet to explore.

We met up with Pat and Laurie at the designated time and headed off to find a place for lunch.  Our first choice turned out to be closed, the menus at two others didn’t appeal to us and we ended up at Zeca da Bica, my favourite place in Tavira.

A big meal like that demands the longer route to the car and so, we headed in a very circuitous direction and zigzagged our way.

A perfect day it was and culminated in arriving home and finding a bag of avocados hanging on our gate for us……many thanks Bonnie and Ken.  And consequently, a marvelous enormous bowl of guacamole somehow made it’s way to our coffee table with individual drinks!!!!!  A lovely cinq a sept.  (Merci mon mari)

1 thought on “Tavira Uncovered

  1. Loving the pictures and bringing back fond memories of Portugal!


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