A mishmash of days

So much has been happening these past few days it’s challenging to keep up with things.  The weather has remained lovely but if the forecast is to be believed, we are in for five wet days starting tonight!!!  I have mixed feelings about that……selfishly I want it to stay sunny and warm but on the other hand, the locals, especially those dependant on the land, AND more importantly, to help quench the earth and avoid any forest fires, a few days of rain would be a Godsend.

Yesterday Diane headed back to Canada.   We were sad to see her go but delighted with the wonderful 12 weeks we shared together.  She enjoyed a hearty send off.

When we finalized our hugs and goodbyes to Diane…..we headed to the other end of the airport to collect Marc’s niece and her husband, Chloe and Henry, who will be with us for two weeks.  We are delighted they’ve made it to this little corner of the world for a visit.


Then today, Thursday, Miss Laurie headed off to Lisbon for a four day visit before heading back to Canada.  Patricia and myself drove her to the train at 7h45 and managed to arrive with 10 minutes to spare.  We’d already purchased the ticket which made it less stressful.  We’re going to miss her big time but as she said when we left, “see you in a few weeks in Canada”!!!!   I’m not sure if that made me happy or sad!!! IMG_6952 (2)

Today was a perfect day for a lovely walk along the salt flats and with our friends and neighbours in tow, Pat and I headed off shortly after 10.   Chloe and Henry were still sleeping from the long day of travel yesterday and Marc opted to stay at home and prepare breakfast once they were up.

Patricia and I met up with Marc, Chloe, and Henry at the square in Estoi for lunch, which we both devoured after our lengthy walk.   Such a lovely warm day and wonderful to sit and hear their first impressions

Because it was such a gorgeous day, Marc, Chloe and Henry decided to head down the road and visit the Roman ruins while Pat and I headed back to the quinta to relax and enjoy the upper terrace.  I think we were all fairly happy with our decisions.

I’m certain in a day or so we’ll settle into a new routine once everyone is over the jet lag and certainly if the weather remains warm and sunny.  And in closing…….two pink things that made my heart skip a beat….for completely different reasons!!

One final thing…..something Chloe loved.

2 thoughts on “A mishmash of days

  1. Lovely times!


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