A Change in the Weather

The last couple of days have been rather unpredictable with the weather, literally hour by hour.   A front has moved into the area and will stay with us for at least another two days, which is bringing lower temperatures and high winds.  Mind you we are still in the mid to high teens which means we have nothing to complain about.

Yesterday we debated a couple of possible day trips but spontaneity won out and we actually ended up driving into Spain and enjoying some time on the beach (walking not tanning) in Isla Canela, which is a small island located south of the town of Ayamonte, in Andalusia.  It’s a very popular summer resort and consequently, is virtually vacant right now.  We did, however, manage to find a restaurant open and enjoyed a delicious Spanish lunch.

I think it safe to say we all enjoyed the trip, especially the beach and the walk along the shoreline.   On the way home we stopped at the chinese store in Tavira and I decided to take a few shots just to show you how amazing it is.  Plastic “things” in every imaginable colour.  We love going there from time to time just to wander the aisles and see what we can find.

With this being Saturday we decided to head into Olhão and enjoy the local market, pick up a few provisions for the next couple of days, and as it turns out, have lunch.  The market was not as congested as most Saturdays, which for us, was fine.  It allowed us to move around a bit more freely and when ready, secure a great table on the patio to enjoy a coffee before heading back towards the car.

Lots of purchases, a short visit with Jean, Louise, Denis and Joanne who were also shopping for provisions and for fun.  We had decided to head off to the local marina for lunch and they too decided to head there.


We made a couple of more stops on the way home and were delighted to say that no rain doused us today and sunshine was our constant company.   I took a short walk on the way home as I had noticed the passion flowers near the Pousada and wanted to get a few shots.

And last but not least……my morning alarm clock…….much to my dismay!

Every single morning, just after 4 a.m. he starts to call out to the neighbourhood. He lives just near the entrance to our property.

2 thoughts on “A Change in the Weather

  1. What a wonderful couple of days, rain dodging and all! All my favourite things, flowers, great food, beautiful beaches, markets, sprinkled with spontaneity and best of all, good friends who constantly make my belly laugh! LOL! I am thoroughly enjoying the addition of Chloe and Henry, ‘the Kids’….I can almost remember those days! Great fun to try! xoxo


    1. You’re going to need to go home to have a vacation from this vacation!!! Wait for the period of April 17 to May 17 when it’s just the three of us.


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