The Sun Has Returned….and we are happy

Pat and myself had a “date” this morning to go and visit old friends near Fuzeta.  Marc took advantage of the proximity to the salt flats to come along then walk with Henry and Chloe across the flats and into Fuzeta where we would catch up with them later in the day.

As we drove from Fuzeta to the house we had the great pleasure of coming upon a hoopoe, or as they call it here a poupa having a great time with a large cricket in the middle of the road.   It’s a bit blurry as it’s through the windshield but we watched him for quite some time.  The cricket was squirming and the poupa was not letting go!


Along the route and at the farm we had the opportunity to see quite a few local flora.  Pat, being a lover… might even say fanatic….for poppies, was quite delighted.

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with our friends then scurried back to Fuzeta to find the others and chose a place for lunch.

My happy “family”.

We ended up at Edmundo’s and were so hungry that by the time food landed on the table we had pretty well devoured it before somebody mentioned photos!!!  Suffice to say, it was delicious.    As we were close to Santa Luzia we decided to drive there, park and enjoy a lovely leisurely stroll along the boardwalk and part of the town.  It’s great fun to watch people as they discover the tile work and other delights these small towns have to offer.

Another great day in the Algarve.   For some, the time is winding down, which of course becomes a marker for us as we have only a few short weeks left once they all head home.  We are not going to whine or complain as we’ve had one heck of an amazing winter AND, we’ve already purchased our tickets for our return.  Life, as we know it, is GRAND!



2 thoughts on “The Sun Has Returned….and we are happy

  1. Very nice…love the blue chandelier!


    1. me too……I was happy to have spyed it.


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