It’s a Dogs Life!!

A perfect day for a hike in the amazing Caldeirão Mountain near Barranco do Velho. The landscape is dominated by cork, holm-oak and strawberry trees ( Medronho).   Today the mountainside was basically purple with lavender and occasional splashes of the many other wildflowers and shrubs in bloom.

Marc and Chloe decided to stay at home and enjoy lunch in the square and a visit from Marc’s friend Andréa-Anne, who is visiting the area from Quebec, while Henry, Pat and myself headed off to meet up with Pat and Gary.   For those of you following along, this is the same hike that my friend Harald introduced us to a few weeks ago.

Pat M opted to bring along a book and enjoy a stroll along the path and near an old church where she settled in to relax in the sun and read her book.  (At least that’s her story)!!

As you can see, the mountainside and foot path was alive with colour and flora.  We finished the trek, which was just over 6 kms in an hour and a half, which really wasn’t bad at all.  I think we moved a bit faster this time than the last time we hiked here.  Less people.

Once we returned to the car we collected Pat and headed off for Tia Bia for a much anticipated lunch.  None of us had forgotten how wonderful it was last time and it certainly did not disappoint today.

What a marvelous feast it was and consequently, what a laid back afternoon.  Good time had by all and to close off……the new female version of Fred Flintstone….or as I am calling her….Freda Flintstone.


10 thoughts on “It’s a Dogs Life!!

  1. hahahah at Pat with the lamb bone!!! Mother Nature sure does a wonderful job with her flowers. Great pics!! Lunch looked amazing today. I think your’s and Gary’s sounded mouth watering but also loved the sound of Henry’s with cod. Yum !!


    1. Yes, Pat was a good sport and allowed me to post that photo. Food at this particular place is beyond heavenly……this was our second visit and not our last.


  2. Hi RK, enjoying your blog as always. Can you ask Pat where she got her straw sunhat? It’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks.


    1. Will absolutely ask Pat and let you know.


  3. What a truly beautiful walk with all the flowers in bloom. I may have to start hiking in the spring rather than the fall! Lunch looked fabulous as it always does.


    1. This spring in particular is overwhelming with the flora. Mother Nature has been very good to us.


  4. Wow…cool motorcycle shot. Love it! Thank you for sharing.


    1. You would have enjoyed this hike. Hope your trip to Lisboa was pleasant. Safe travels back to Canada 🇨🇦

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  5. I am jealous remembering how much I enjoyed that trail, not mentioning the good meal we had at Tia Bia! You all look good. I miss you a lot!😘


    1. Well we did think of you yesterday so you were there in thought! Which I know is not the same. We still miss you here also. Happily our weather is amazing again. Big Hugs


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