A Road Trip

With Chloe and Henry being here for a two week period only we decided to take a trip to the west coast of the Algarve to give them a tiny taste of the different landscape and an opportunity to see some of the open coastline and a few of the larger centers on that end of the region.  The weather co-operated wonderfully with sunshine and blue skies.   I decided to stop at a beach along the way in hope of them experiencing some of the large waves and surfers that the area is famous for.

From our beach stop we did poke our noses in a large pottery place and enjoyed a walk about.  I stumbled on this silly mat but it did make me smile…


Cabo de Sao Vicente, the most westerly point in the Algarve, was our destination and we were blessed with warm weather which is a treat in this area as it’s wide open to the Atlantic and frequently the winds, on the warmest of days, can be quite nippy.

From this stop we headed into Sagres but didn’t stop, a simple drive along the road closest to the water to allow for a lookout was all I felt was needed.  It’s a lovely town but it caters to younger surfers and other than that, it really isn’t overly interesting.  We continued along the smaller highway heading to Lagos where we parked the car and wandered for a few hours, including lunch.  Coming from the coast we were a little taken aback by the intense heat when we stepped out of the car.


Our final stop of the day was at Porches.   I have never seen the beach so full and for me it provided a tiny glimpse into what it must be like in June and onward.

A marvelous day and both Marc and myself very happy that we could share this with Chloe and Henry.   While we were away for the day, Pat M had spent a wonderful day with Pat and Gary in Tavira.  Gary shared these photos with me and I thought to include them here as the colour is amazing.

Wonderful adventures had by all.  Both Pat and Gary, as well as Chloe and Henry, will be returning to Canada on Wednesday and we are going to miss all of them.   Today, Saturday, we all spent a day at the Faro Beach……no cameras……simply sun, sand, the sea, and the pleasantness of good friends hanging out and making new memories.  Life remains wonderful.



3 thoughts on “A Road Trip

  1. Beautiful photos once again! I especially love the beach photos. Going to 17C in Halifax today – barbecue time!


    1. So what are you going to barbeque????


  2. Steak with mushrooms & onions plus baked potato with condiments. Also, I love horseradish with the steak!

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