Tromping Tavira

Sunday in the beautiful town of Tavira was as close to perfect as a day can get.  Most of the shops were closed, which meant you didn’t have hoards of glossy-eyed shoppers about but instead, people more intent on wandering aimlessly enjoying the many sights and lazing about on terraces sipping vino verde and people watching.

Pat M was enjoying a quiet day at home which meant it was just the four of us heading off but not before I enjoyed a marvelous walk in the mountain with Pat and Gary.  It was almost to hot for that kind of walk but we enjoyed it nonetheless, especially all the bird activity and the flora.

Patricia enjoying the wild honeysuckle that was growing on the mountainside. Subtle scent and blooms in red/white and yellow/white.

With this being Palm Sunday, there were celebrations throughout all the small towns, and Tavira was no exception.  When we arrived we saw many folks walking through town carrying olive branches, covered in tiny olive flowers and the Roman Bridge was lined with palm fronds and the entire walking surface totally hidden beneath layers of fresh lavender.  Imagine the scent as we walked across it.

One of the things I like to do is take people to the Pousada in Tavira and take a photo in the open doorway……for me it’s a perfect frame and the rich colour add to the texture of the photo.

We enjoyed a lengthy walkabout, tromping here and there and continually losing Chloe and Henry as they would stop to check things out.  A perfect pace.

Walking always builds up an appetite and we headed to Zeca de Beca, one of our favourite places, and were fortunate enough to snag the last table for four in the tiny alley between two buildings.  We enjoyed a fabulous meal… food photos today…and a leisurely time simply sitting and gabbing in the sunshine.

Between the big meal, the vino, and the sunshine, we all four were a bit lethargic, sort of like a happy lizard! Our walk after this was much slower with quite a few more stops to (literally) smell the roses!

All perfect things must come to an end and I can tell you, the drive home in the car was pretty quiet as we were all worn out from the meandering.   Patricia was happy to see us and we spent the rest of the time on the upper terrace enjoying the afternoon until just after 17h00 when Pat and Gary joined us and aperol spritzers became the focus.  Life rolls on and we still keep pinching ourselves with happiness.

And in closing……one simple question……WHO WORE IT BEST?


1 thought on “Tromping Tavira

  1. What fun you guys all had! Tavira is always a treat to visit.


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