Another Page Turns

This morning, after feasting on Marc’s wonderful french toast, maple syrup, bacon, and hot thick coffee, we headed off to the airport.  Yesterday was the last full day here for Patricia, Gary, Chloe, and Henry and we all made the best of it in our own way.

One of the things we did enjoy was finding a couple of extraordinary rose bushes.


I think a certain someone is enjoying the roses almost as much as the poppies!

Could Patricia’s smile get any bigger? She practically sniffed the scent off the bush!!!

I was walking along and I spotted this clothesline and thought how wonderful the clothing must smell as it’s literally hanging in a lemon tree.


And then there was this tiny plot of tulips, the interior was amazing.


As we organized ourselves to head off to the airport this morning, Pat M suggested a group shot……grand idea.

Henry, Chloe, Marc, moi, Patricia and Gary. A final shot at the quinta before heading off to the airport. Goodbyes are never easy and the remaining day is always a bit sad for those of us still remaining, even though we are delighted to have another month here.

Check is was easy and swift for Chloe and Henry as we went directly to the airport.  Pat and Gary had to return their rental car first and by the time they arrived, the line up at Air Transat was quite lengthy.  They had lots of time to settle in and with that in mind Marc and I said our final goodbyes and waved them all off.  Safe trips.

Our housecleaner is here right now and Patricia, Marc, and I are busy on our respective electronics.  We have decided to head out in a bit, treat ourselves to lunch somewhere, maybe do a tiny bit of shopping then return to a clean house and enjoy the rest of an overcast day curled up at home.  Tomorrow is Marc’s birthday and dinner plans have already been established……we are very much looking forward to that and the celebrations that will ensue.

2 thoughts on “Another Page Turns

  1. Chloe looked sad in the airport photo you bombed. Hopefully they had a wonderful time and will return for a visit next year. The roses are gorgeous and always enjoy the pics of Miss Smiley Face. You are all such great planner as I chuckled reading your four have already purchased your tickets for next year. I love that! How wonderful to enjoy such friendships that have been in the making for so many years. You are very fortunate.

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    1. We get way better prices when we book in advance. Our return tickets for next year are just over 700$ each.


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