The Birthday Day!

Although our weather remains somewhat unpredictable this past couple of days, yesterday, and all the celebration was quite enjoyable and we did not literally get rained on despite several heavy showers.

I took over the role of breakfast maker for the day while Marc was fêted.  He delighted in all the messages, cards, presents and overall good wishes.

We headed off to the square for a cafe and a visit then onward for a little road trip to Pinherio, just to check out the sea and the lovely views, then to Santa Luzia where he had requested to have lunch at one of our favourites.


Pinherio was quiet and quite lovely at this time of the day.  We parked a couple of times and got out to check out a few things that demanded to be seen closer.

As we arrived closer to Santa Luzia, the skies behind us kept getting darker and darker.  We could hear some thunder in the distance and thought for certain we were going to get doused.

We were settled in the restaurant for about 10 minutes when the skies broke loose!!!  It poured and we even saw lightning.  We didn’t care.  A wonderful window seat, good company, some vino and then came our food!!!!!   What a feast.

We sat nursing the last of our vino and chatting about life in general when suddenly we realized the sky was starting to brighten and the rain letting up.  As luck would have it, by the time we finished our cafe, rain was done and the sun back out.  Propitious??

We stopped in Olhão to pickup a few supplies and get some copies printed off then home for a relaxing afternoon before heading out for dinner at 19h00.  Marc had chosen Vila Monte,near Moncarapacho and we met up with Ana, Simão, Miguel, Joanna, Andreanne and Sophie for what turned out to be a delightful evening.

Taken outside the restaurant before the others had arrived. Sadly I forgot to take another group shot later in the evening.

And as the night wound down, we got ready to head home having enjoyed a full day of birthday celebrations.  And so begins another cycle of 365 days around the sun for my Marc.   Happy Birthday mon amour.


2 thoughts on “The Birthday Day!

  1. Looks like you had a great day celebrating Marc’s BD – nice photos especially the octopus dishes! Happy Easter to all!


    1. Same to you Joannie…..Happy Easter…..I hope the bunny finds you!!


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