The Days are Merging

Easter here in the Algarve is extremely busy with festivals, fairs, religious events, parades, family time etc..  Combine that with the strike by tanker drivers transporting  dangerous goods, which included gasoline, and the shortage of gas at petrol stations and it made for a period of uncertainty for all.  It didn’t hamper the Easter celebrations for the most part and the government has since stepped in and they are back to work.

We had already decided to pass on most of the festivals as we’ve attended many of them each of the last few years and thought a period of relaxing by the pool, maybe a beach visit and a few good meals at home would work perfectly for us.   It did!!

I have enjoyed a few long walks around town and into the mountainside.  Some of these photos I already posted to Face Book but given many of you are not on there…..I thought I’d share them again.

I prepared Portuguese style rabbit for our Sunday meal and Marc prepared sweet potatoes and carrots in duck fat.  We thoroughly enjoyed the meal despite all the comments about eating “bunny”.

We took a picnic to the beach yesterday but left our cameras at home!!!  It was a lovely warm day but the wind off the sea had a bite to it.   We managed to enjoy a couple of hours there, including our picnic but finally decided to head home and relax on the terrace, a breeze free zone!!!  I received a massage last evening from our neighbour and the evening is now a blur to me as I was in a total state of zen-ness!!!!!  Slept the sleep of the angels last night.

Today we had friends coming in for a “tea” at 14h00 and Patricia had a hair appointment.  Marc was busy in the kitchen making empanadas and declined my assistance.  I had to take our car back and exchange it for another……..the radio and the A/C kept turning itself on!!!!  Probably a short in the panel.  In any case, I decided to go for a lengthy walk and headed to Fuzeta.   There is a lovely stretch of trail that runs from Fuzeta to Olhão and I hadn’t yet walked it this year.  How perfect it was with just me and Mother Nature.

I loved my walk.   When I arrived home I discovered Miss Patricia looked like a new woman…..very happy with her haircut.


Our “tea” was much fun with our neighbours, who just left.  The sun continues to fight the clouds and the rain has stayed away.   We comment daily on how the time is flying by and the hours disappear.  Soon we will be thinking about dinner and I do believe we might go out somewhere to break up the day for Marc and Patricia, who for the most part have been around home today.  We’ve started to think about our return trip to Canada on May 17th and of what things we might like to do before we head off.  I think lists are in order!!!!


4 thoughts on “The Days are Merging

  1. I never tire of your photos…thanks, Roomie! I will seriously miss Portugal’s natural beauty!


  2. Nice pics mon ami and Patricia’s hair looks lovely! 💞


    1. Merci mon amie. It was an amazing walk. Patricia will be happy

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