Revolução dos Cravos/The Carnation Revolution

One of the more important days in modern Portuguese history was the Carnation Revolution, a military coup that took place on April 25, 1974. Now, April 25 is a national holiday, also known as Freedom Day, when government offices close and many locals have the day off work.

We didn’t really have any plans for today but as it turned out, it’s been a rather full one for us.   It started early morning when we headed out to the courtyard to wish a fond goodbye to Louis Denis, Joanne, Jean, and Louise who headed off for Lisboa then onward tomorrow morning for Canada.  We will be missing their lively presence in our Quinta.

IMG_7530 It was such a lovely morning that Marc suggested a walk and not being one to pass up on a lovely walk with company, especially Marc,  off we headed.  The countryside continues to astound with the abundance of wildflowers still in bloom or blooming since our last outing.  We both enjoyed it immensely.

Just as we arrived home Marc announced to me that he had a project he wanted to work on related to his art and I had a sudden thought that maybe Patricia and I could head off to Silves and Alte.  It worked out for all of us and within minutes of arriving home we two were headed off into the mountains and Marc had the solitude of the house to accomplish his task.  Win win!!

The drive was simply breathtaking today.  We’ve had a couple of days of necessary rain and the depth of green and other colours throughout the countryside was brilliant.   We arrived in Silves around 14h00, went immediately to eat at a Taverna I knew of then we hit the streets.  The day couldn’t have been more perfect for our chosen activity.

A perfectly marvelous and very spontaneous day.  I think usually those are the best kind of days.   We took a slow mountain route home in order to extend the experience and both of us ohhing and ahhhing at the colour along the route.   We arrived home to find that Marc had had great success with his “project”, dinner was well under way and within moments our afternoon drinks were prepared………pastis and sparkling water for me, white port and tonic for Patricia and Campari and soda for Marc.   The light was dancing all around the living room, the music was lively and we three toasted to the good life and how blessed we all are.

2 thoughts on “Revolução dos Cravos/The Carnation Revolution

  1. A happy Patricia, you say? I have never been happier! I have struck gold and I am grateful every minute for the wonderful friendship you, Marco and I share, the memories we have created over the years and this Paradise, known as Portugal. Today was perfect, your blog said it all….thank you! 😘

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    1. Just wait till you receive our invoice for “services rendered”!!!!


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