Sometimes Life is Just About Fun with Friends!

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful visit with our friend Susie.  Her significant other, Gus, was hard at work and so we collected Susie and headed off to Vila Monte for a relaxing lunch, a wander about the property and simply catching up.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Vila Monte Farm House offers a tranquil retreat with a garden and 2 heated outdoor swimming pools and is a 10-minute drive away from the Fuseta beach.  It is literally set among an orange grove.

The Farm House’s restaurant serves Algarvian delicacies, all made from fresh ingredients including fish from the local markets and the resort’s own fruits and herbs.  We enjoyed a great meal of burgers, pizza, and a delectable eggplant and pumpkin dish….forgot to take photos as I was starving by the time it all arrived.   After lunch, which was lovely and leisurely,  we wandered around the property checking out the pool areas, the rental and the landscape……..mountains in one direction, the sea off in the other and all kinds of beautiful plants in between.

A fun visit and a fabulous way to relax on a hot sunny day.   We dropped Susie back at the square in Estoi then made a quick trip to the grocery and finally, home.

Today, Saturday, was quite hot and it seemed a perfect occasion to pack a picnic and head to the beach, which is where we have spent our day.  Needless to say, between the sun, sea, sand, food and our evening dinner with friends, we are pooped.  Bed is not far away.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Life is Just About Fun with Friends!

  1. Your pictures are so lovely, I love seeing the glorious flowers! We were in Portugal in September so it was hot and very dry, spring looks lovely! Glad to see my friend Pat looking so tanned and happy!


    1. Your friend Pat is having a ball…….she appreciates your comment and me, I love knowing that people like my blog so, many thanks.


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