Another Wonderful Hike at Barranco do Velho

It registered at 26.5 degrees today but having lived through it, I can tell you it felt more like 35!!!!  Very little breeze with a cloudless sky.  A perfect day to head off and enjoy a slow hike through the Barranco do Velho.  I clocked it in today at 7.19 kms but with the heat it felt like 27!!!!!!  Kidding.

Patricia and Marc both wanted to see and enjoy this trail and I think it safe to say that they both loved the experience.  The mountains were alive with wildflowers and in every colour imaginable.  Rather than ramble on I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Here they are before they were wilted by the heat and sun. Great hiking companions and appreciative of the entire experience.

And then came the colour……endless colour.

To say we were wilted is putting it mildly.  Wilted but happy!!!   We drove the car to Tia Bia and headed in to claim a table in the shade and a cold beer each!!!  We celebrated with an amazing meal… photos but trust me… for a Princess…..just ask Patricia!!!

And on the route home we passed by a property that caught our eye.  We stopped and had a little walk about and took a few snaps.  Cute and whimsical.

I can tell you that the rest of the afternoon was spent in the shade and/or the pool, or both!  The long-range forecast tells us that this past few days will probably be the normal temperatures for our time left here in the Algarve.  I expect permanently shriveled skin as I may just live in the pool.   Life remains wonderful and although we are not officially counting down the time we have left here…..we have an acute awareness of the light at the end of the tunnel.

8 thoughts on “Another Wonderful Hike at Barranco do Velho

  1. I am so envious of the fabulous hiking you have done this year – I’m seeing an Algarve Camino in my future!


    1. I’ve been very lucky this year Debbie. To have had a good friend to head off with and explore with was a bonus plus the Algarve has worked diligently to mark many of the trails. You can get great free maps at the tourist information offices. Some will tell you they are out but just head to another. Excellent maps, fabulous detail so you truly can’t get lost.


  2. How lovely that the three of you got out for a hike together!

    All the flowers…. beautiful. Gosh I do love the Cistus with it’s crumpled paper look. I loved seeing the little bug covered in pollen! Nature at it’s finest.
    Even when it’s still in bud form it’s beautiful.

    The little man and his dog at the end are too cute.

    Looks like a wonderful day was had by all. I’m staring out at dark skies and rain. sigh*



    1. It sure was a great day and I think everybody was tired out by the end of it. I wish I could send you a big bottle of sunshine.


  3. Yet again great photos. Marc looked especially cute!. No-one lives life to the full so much as you. x.


    1. WE only come this way once mon amie……I’m going to make sure I live each day to the fullest.


  4. Aren’t those wildflowers hanging on! Gorgeous pics. Reliving the hike. So happy Marc and Pat enjoyed it as well.


    1. The flowers were amazing yesterday. As far as the eye could see was yellow, purple and lavender. Of course you know your name came up a few times?


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