Un Dia Maravilloso en España

As the title says, a wonderful day in Spain!  Aymonte to be precise.

As Patricia had never taken the ferry from Vila Real de Santo Antonio across the Guadiana to spend some time in Spain, we decided that today would be a perfect day to do just that.  The sun was shining, another gorgeous Portuguese day, Marc had several things he wanted to take care of at home, including preparing a wonderful evening meal of curried meatballs, which meant that Pat and I headed off on our own.

Lots of fun.  Not overly congested with tourists and a tiny breeze off the sea and the Guadiana, keep us pleasantly cool. Ayamonte is a modern city, with a working marina, where we caught the ferry to cross the Guadiana River from Vila Real in Portugal.

There is a charming old quarter of Ayamonte, with its labyrinth of narrow streets, dotted with attractive plazas, where we wandered for a few hours before finally finding what turned out to be a lovely spot for a tapas lunch before then tackling some of the hills in and around the non touristy part of Ayamonte.

We wandered into an open church and it was stunning.  Quiet and almost empty we enjoyed checking out some of the nooks and crannies.  Many statues still on display from the Easter celebrations.

Patricia totally enjoyed the wandering and window shopping……ok, maybe she actually darted into a few of the stores but overall, not bad, I think I only lost her once!!

The walking and wandering, not to mention the scents coming from many of the restaurants, help us build up an appetite.  We found a small outdoor patio that had an interesting chalkboard menu listing many interesting things and we agreed that sharing a few plates and a lovely sangria might be just the thing….and it was.

Walking after a meal like this is a necessity as far as I am concerned.  Patricia wanted to experience part of the old Ayamonte, outside the tourist area, and off we headed.

We had arrived at 9h45 and now it was 14h00.  Other than during lunch, we had simply walked and walked and we both decided to call it a day.  As it turned out, when we looked at the time we were literally two minutes from the ferry terminal and the ferry was scheduled to leave in five minutes.  Propitious???

A close up of the detail on the barber tile.

10 thoughts on “Un Dia Maravilloso en España

  1. What a lovely day trip! Thank you for sharing your travels.


    1. Thanks Bonbon. We are continuing to live a grand life here. Today is Worker’s Day….or as we call it home, Labour Day….we are just heading out to have a look around town at some of the decorations and celebrations. tomorrow is Viva la Pena……and we are quite looking forward to that tomorrow evening. Hope all is well with you and Ken.

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  2. What a fabulous day you two spent wandering, love all the colour and bright sunshine. Bet that big smile hasn’t left Pat’s face since she arrived in Portugal …. I think you should have let her buy the dress!


    1. LOL…..you know she didn’t really want that dress right? I’m in hot water!!!


  3. What a wonderful day you and Pat had!! I absolutely LOVED the picture about 4 from the last pic with the pink entrance and black wrought iron stairs. I also love how the underneath portion of the balconies are tiled.


    1. You should think about coming next year and I can show you some of these places yourself!!!


  4. What a marvellous day you guys have had! The smiles say it all. Collecting memories and enriching the soul.


    1. And the fun continues as today is Worker’s Day so many decorations of people and workers all around the Algarve. We are just setting out on foot to enjoy Estoi. Tomorrow….Viva La Pena!!!!


  5. Another beauty of a day. Beautiful photography and the narrative is exceptional.
    Thank you for sharing your diary.
    I agree – Pat you should have bought the dress… short or long, it’s a winner!


    1. That dress comment is getting me in lots of hot water! LOL. Patricia is living her dream right now.


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