Hurrah Hurrah It’s the First of May!!!!!

May 1st isn’t just International Workers’ Day here in Portugal , it’s also a traditional spring holiday although compared to some European countries, Portuguese celebrations tend to be rather muted. 1st May in Portugal is a day for protecting homes from evil for the year ahead

Every year here in Estoi, palm fronds are wedged into doors and windows on the eve of May 1st to ward off the Maios, a.k.a. the devil, for the rest of the year. I’ve noticed that people put them on barn doors and garages as well as their homes!

Then, to celebrate International Worker’s Day you will see mannequins dotted around everywhere.  The stretch of road between Olhão and Alfandanga (near Fuzeta) is always congested with traffic slowing down to take a look and of course, photos.

We enjoyed a walk around Estoi, which always puts on a good show then we headed out to investigate the stretch I mentioned.  We were not disappointed.  Here are some of the “people” who hang around the streets and sidewalks as part of the May day celebrations in our neck of the world.   What fun!!

I also saw a few lovely old homes I would love to have been able to get inside.  A couple looked to be abandoned.

And finally, on our return home, the little church right beside us has been decorated probably for the Viva la Pinha festival, which is tomorrow.  All these flowers are the real deal and quite beautiful.

We are pretty excited about tomorrow festival.  Stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “Hurrah Hurrah It’s the First of May!!!!!

  1. Wow…quite the showing! I’m curious about all of the white paper signs attached to the mannequins. What did they signify?


    1. They are poems depicting dissatisfaction with “bosses” and the establishment. Most of them are tongue in cheek and although I’ve translated some, they don’t really translate well.

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