Late Nights and Long Days

Every year at the beginning of May the people of Estoi celebrate a very special festival, “Festa da Pinha”, meaning festival of the pine cone. Nobody has yet been able to explain to us the origin of this old tradition but it sure makes for a long yet enjoyable evening.  The procession from Estoi to Ludo (about 15 kms) happens in the morning.  A huge all day festival takes place there (translate to drunken feast) and then in the evening the cavalcade returns to  Estoi.  Last night it was quite late before they finally arrived back, and we were pretty pooped but…..Patricia had never seen it so we stuck it out.  It was worth it.   I didn’t take a lot of photos but here are the ones I managed.

Today, after a good night sleep I decided to head off on a hike up through the mountainside and around the village.  I like to reverse my direction from time to time and today I took a route that was quite a bit different from my usual.  It’s amazing how you see things differently once you “turn around”!

As I arrived at the very top, on this extremely hot day, I noticed the haze over the ocean and the towns below.  I’m always being asked about the countryside and today I thought to take four photos from the same vantage point to show the diversity.  I simply turned slowly and you’ll notice some of the photos overlap.

All along the mountain path, I noted that many of the wildflowers are starting to wither and lose colour.  Still, there are many others still showing up and colour still abounds.

My walk was a bit slower than usual as it’s quite hot here and has been for a few days now.  Our temperatures are not going down at night and a few sleepless nights have come my way in particular.  It’s making the days feel long……which is a fact, certainly not a complaint.

As I arrived home I noted that a huge cluster of alstroemeria or Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas has burst open at the base of our lemon and orange trees.  How lucky we are to be able to bring a bouquet of them in the house to titivate the room.

And right beside our gate……I’m starting to refer to this as our Christmas Tree…..

The pomegranate tree

A couple of detail shots of the blossoms, which delight me.

And last, but certainly not least, right beside our door……..


We are getting a little tired after all these months of pinching ourselves with our good fortune this particular year.  Between the ongoing sunshine, the above average temperatures and the abundance of daily colour it’s going to make it challenging to head back to Canada in a few short weeks, especially given the weather reports from family and friends.   But, it is what it is and this too shall come to pass.  In the meantime we will continue to enjoy each and every day here until we do head home.

4 thoughts on “Late Nights and Long Days

  1. Looking forward to seeing you back home. Gatineau trails are not ready but they will be by the time you are home. I’M truly looking forward to some weekly walks and seeing Marc and you this summer and hopefully Pat and Pat and Gary. “Don’t cry it’s over, smile because it happened” 😉

    Ciao ciao bello


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    1. No tears on this end. Looking forward to seeing you as well. Big 🤗 hugs


  2. Joanne Letendre May 4, 2019 — 1:02 pm

    Merci pour ces belles photos et ton récit. Ma tête est souvent au Portugal. Profitez bien de vos dernières semaines. Au plaisir de vous revoir! XXX


    1. Hot and sunny is our life these days. I hope you are settled back into your home routine and the sun is shining for you.


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