Patio Pleasure

The tiny village of Moncarapacho was our destination.  Grocery shopping had been accomplished and packed away at home and we wanted to sit in the sunshine, enjoy a patio lunch and simply soak up the tranquility.  Our choice couldn’t have been more perfect.

Moncarapacho was just as we had hoped…….almost empty!!!  We practically had the terrace to ourselves.

We all three devoured frango piri piri, vino and lots of olives.  You could tell we were hungry as no photos and no conversation while eating!!!  A dead give away.

The old church in Moncarapacho is in need to some tender loving care but it still has great character and from my vantage point, high on the steps of an adjoining building, I noticed some of the detail.

We enjoyed a lovely walk about and lingering here and there as we headed back to the car.

A handsome man seen hanging out around town and willing to pose for me!!
This lovely old chapel is attached to the local museum. It’s rarely open but when it is, what a treat to see the inside.

And last but not least, this is for Françoise…….our view as we sat and ate lunch.  We thought of you because of the geraniums.



4 thoughts on “Patio Pleasure

  1. Patio lunches in Moncarapacho….perfect location. Thank you for sharing g the experience.


    1. As we drove to Moncarapacho I almost suggested we stop in to see you and Ken!!! Funny how quickly habits get developed.

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  2. Patricia Kean May 5, 2019 — 7:56 pm

    Yes, we enjoyed a couple of lunches there. Lovely town. Your days are numbered!! Spring has sprung here.xx


    1. We are not counting our numbered days!!!! LOL


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