Another Week Winds Down

The days are truly merging right now as I can’t recall what I did two days ago!!!!  We talked about what last minute, if any, things we might like to do and funny how it happens but everything centered around food!!!!!  Tonight will be Frango da Ria.  LOL

I know we’ve enjoyed a few walks around the village, a visit with old friends, Henrique and Sarah, and yesterday the focus was on getting some of Patricia’s things organized and at least one suitcase packed.  Success!

Our weather remains warm and sunny although yesterday there was a tiny breeze that did have a nip if the sun was behind the cloud cover.  We actually thought it might rain but happily, no!

I think we are all three feeling a bit lazy and simply enjoying the simple things these days.  There is much pleasure taken in simply sitting by the pool with a book and dozing off in the sunshine or a lazy walk through the village checking out the new blooms as we head to the square for a bica or beer.   Life remains wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Another Week Winds Down

  1. Being in Estoi for 10 weeks this winter has been a dream come true! I cannot find the words, surprisingly, at this point to describe how I feel, except boundless gratitude to you and Marc for your love and generosity, your accommodating spirits and your desire to make me feel special everyday…I am beginning to think I am ‘actually’ a real Principessa! As we get ready to embark on our journey to Lisbon shortly, my heart will be full of joy and appreciation. Thank you for everything! I love you both….😘😘
    P.S. I gave you far too much fodder! LOL!


    1. Yes, mon amie…’s been a blast and what magnificent memories you will have for the rocking chair on the front porch. We love you too.


  2. Wow at the orange bougainvillea!!!!!! It’s gorgeous.

    All of it is beautiful, even the cactus hedge. I hope you go back and get a picture in full bloom.

    The ‘cat whiskers’ are so pretty as well.

    It’s cold here tonight. Only 4 degrees. Thirteen tomorrow.



    1. Hello to you. I won’t get back to get another photo of the hedge sadly. We are swamped with things for the next two days and I have to have the car back at 10 on Monday. And yes, that orange bougainvillea is truly one of a kind.


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