One Suitcase Down, One To Go!

It seems impossible to say, yet the reality is, we are only five dodo’s away from returning to our second home in beautiful Portugal.  The summer and fall have been enjoyably busy with having company, making visits, Marc’s exhibition (which was a huge success), and the daily grind.  It’s flown.

This last week or so we’ve been readying the house for our absence, taking care of the all and sundry things that need to be put in place and today we packed one of our suitcases, locked it and placed it by the door!!!  It helps make it all feel real.

We will leave here early Tuesday morning to head to South Western Ontario, a long six hour drive.  Let’s hope we don’t get any bad weather, especially wet snow!  We have a special dinner planned for Wednesday with a small group of loved ones then Thursday we head to the airport in Toronto.

I am hoping to keep some sort of blog/commentary again this trip.  If you’ve received notification of this post through email it’s because you were signed up in previous years.  I would ask you to send me a quick private note to let me know if you wish to keep receiving emails or not as my plan is to go through my list of subscribers and delete a bunch as I don’t recognize many of the addresses in there.   Thanks in advance for that.

In the meantime, for any of you snowbirds who are lucky enough (like us) to get away for some, or all of the Canadian winter, safe travels.  For those of you who have chosen to stay home, enjoy the stay, be warm and safe.

Randy et Marc




12 thoughts on “One Suitcase Down, One To Go!

  1. Safe travels mes amis! We are looking forward to seeing you in January 🇵🇹
    And of course, you can consider this your “private” not so private message.
    Hugs for you both ♥️

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    1. Thanks Bonbon….can’t wait to see you both also.

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  2. Deborah Kunder A November 2, 2019 — 8:57 pm

    Hi RK, I enjoy your blog, especially the photos of plants, hikes, etc. We have good friends who spend 6weeks in Portugal each year in Feb.and March somewhere near where you stay. So yes, pls. keep me on your mailing list. Deb


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  3. Sent from my iPad


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  4. Hi Randy..please keep me on your list. I will enjoy the warmth and beauty of Portugal through your eyes and stories and of course pics. Xoxo

    Get Outlook for Android


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  5. Love receiving the blog, Randy! I’m delighted that Marc’s show went well. We didn’t make it to Ottawa at all this year, as Rod’s brother Gord (architect who lives in Ottawa) had twin grandchildren born to his daughter Lindsay in Guelph this summer – Gord and Karen are spending all their spare moments helping with wee Clayt and Isobel, and their 3 year old brother Silas. That is a busy household!We have had some lovely cottage time this summer, and Rod enjoyed 10 days in Portugal in May while I met my son who lives in BC for a terrific week in Cozumel. My son Adam was married Oct 5th so we have had a wonderful time celebrating. We hope to head to Greece again in the spring to “observe” my 65th birthday, and in the meantime we still have some grasses to put to bed in the garden, hopefully before it snows!We wish you a wonderful stay in your other home – please keep posting and blogging! Have fun & safe travels,Brenda & RodSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  6. Keep me on your list. I explore Portugal through you guys. Travel safe but we’ll chat before you leave.


  7. Erika Kwasniewski November 3, 2019 — 4:17 pm

    Good morning Randy,

    As one of your longtime and faithful blog followers I would love to continue following your Portugal
    Journey once more. It is my way of enjoying the warm weather during our long and cold winters!

    Have a safe journey to your second home. Enjoy the next six months. Stay happy, healthy and

    Take care…😘💕



  8. Hey guys….safe travels. See you in January.


  9. I’ll be there in spirit and enjoying your every word! Looking forward to cooking for you in my new kitchen upon your return! 😘🤗


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