Routine Can be Very Important!

We are trying to set the tone early in this trip by getting out and walking as often as we can, and not just a little stroll.  After breakfast this morning Marc proposed a route that we had taken, and enjoyed, many times last trip and so off we headed.

We planned on arriving at the square around 12h30 for lunch and that’s precisely when we rounded the last turn in our hike.   We had pre-ordered our lunch, something we had never had before called  Bacalhau espiritual…cod fish with grated carrots/potatoes/nutmeg/salt/pepper….very tasty and filling.5c0545d21826fcd1aa2188405a8aba52-754x394

It was wonderful to see Elsa, and our friend David (from England) was also there.  Wonderful to chat and catch up.

On the walk home we saw a jacaranda tree that still held some of the flowers.  The colour is striking and certainly unusual to see a tree filled with them.


As the gates were open at the Pousada, we took a short cut through the property to enjoy the grounds and simply to see what was new.   This particular fountain sculpture caught my eye and I thought it would be a lovely way to sign off today’s blog.    We hear it’s snowing in many parts of Canada and we hope that all of you are staying warm and safe.  Don’t be driving if you don’t have to do so.


12 thoughts on “Routine Can be Very Important!

  1. Snowing in Ottawa? Never! Yikes…well I just checked the forecast. Yes…snow!!! Arrggh.

    Keep the pics and stories coming as we always enjoy them.


    1. Stay safe in all your travels…….hope you installed the snow tires!


  2. Glad you have slid back into your Portuguese life! Love seeing all the flowers – and food – pictures. Still snowing in London, maybe a beach picture when you have a chance? Enjoy!


    1. Funny you should ask for that…..we are heading to the beach tomorrow as it will be 21 and nothing but sunshine. A lovely walk on the beach is in order. Stay tuned.


  3. The baclhau dish looks so good!


  4. It was excellent…..the top was quite crunchy, a golden crust formed, and the inside crumbly and very flavourful, especially the salt cod component.


  5. Contente de voir que vous êtes installés et heureux. C’est vraiment un plaisir de lire le récit de vos aventures. Le paysage, ici, est beaucoup moins coloré que chez vous. Demain, il sera blanc!


  6. Oh my word, the main picture is beautiful!! All those beautiful colours side by side like that! Oh to just walk down the road and see that and so much more. What a wonderful way to live life. 🙂 So happy I get to see it all….even if I do have to keep my gaze averted from the blanket of white outside my windows. LOL

    Yay! I’m going to the beach tomorrow I hear! LOL


    1. Thanks, that photo was one of my favourites. We had seen that dispaly the night we drove to the house from the train and when we headed to the grocery yesterday we took the camera to get a shot. I so wish you were able to come here at some point and enjoy a couple of weeks. And yes, beach today!!! Stay tuned.


  7. Did you happen to notice the old gray mare straggling behind you today? If only in spirit, I love tagging along!
    A little sensory overload! Thanks for the memories! I am very cozy in a toasty house with wonderful seasonal smells coming from the kitchen…apple crisp anyone? Oh yeah, it’s snowing like a banshee! LOL!


    1. Glad you are enjoying tagging along…….we are, as always, totally captivated by the displays of colour and the combinations. Today is promising to be bright sun……the sky is that deep blue we love. Yahoo.


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