Our First Beach of the Trip

A perfect day to pack a picnic and head to the Faro Beach.  It’s only about a 12 – 15 minute drive from the house, loads of free parking, dotted with small cafes, and at this time of year, perfect for a long stroll in either direction.

We left everything packed in the trunk and headed off, unencumbered.  We were both surprised to see several upgrades to the beach area.   To start, a new boardwalk providing access to the beach, which is wonderful for coming and going to the parking lot as you carry less sand back to the lot and your car.

The beach was as close to empty as one could hope.  The temperatures around 20 and as you can see, deep blue cloudless sky.    We removed shoes and socks and headed off for about an hour or so…….sublime!

All along the beach there are newly installed wooden stairs ( we counted 9 sets of them) to allow people to access, or leave, the beach from strategic points without disrupting all the sand and the dunes.   Yahoo……..conservation, I love it.

We walked back through the tiny fishing village that embraces the beach and it was extraordinarily quiet and tranquil.  This next photo shows a series of octopus pots drying out in the sun.


Finally we found a small secluded area that had a few park benches where we sat to enjoy our first picnic.  We were facing Faro Airport with the sea between us and them.  It was warm, agreeable, and a bit momentous for us to be able to enjoy this pleasure on November 12th!!

On the way back to the car this next shot presented itself to me.  I hope it gives you pleasure and makes you smile.


16 thoughts on “Our First Beach of the Trip

  1. Lucky you. Looks wondrful. We had 10 inches of the white stuff and it is not sand lol Still lovely to walk. bonne journée


  2. I love reading your blog posts and the photos are wonderful! Someday we will get there! Enjoy!


    1. Merci Michèle…..we will both look forward to it…..in the meantime, do enjoy……it makes me happy.


  3. Wow! What an amazing day at the beach. I can hardly wait to be there in January. Spent the morning rearranging the stack of snowflakes on the verandahs and pathways. Love your posts, thank you!


    1. We have our fingers crossed for another spectacular year with weather……if I have my way, you’ll have a gorgeous January!!!! In the meantime, stay warm, dry, and safe.


  4. Well, you have lovely, warm brown sugar, while we have white sugar that’s straight from the freezer!!

    Looks so beautiful there. Blue, blue skies, sunshine and free pedicures! Ahhhh, that’s the life.

    I did indeed smile at your last picture, I was picturing myself living there and walking out to that each day!

    Love to you both, thanks for the wonderful blog you do each day.



    1. Yes, you can go for a pedicure each day if you like and it’s totally free….of course my rule is you have to clean your feet thoroughly before getting back in the car!!! That last photo looks exactly like the perspective I wanted to capture. The blue of the water in the short distance from the end of the property against the red of the bougainvillea……wow.


  5. Your day rocked! Similarly, mine is as well. I decided to stay put, am enjoying the beauty, tranquility and the miracle of the falling snow, hunkered down with hot tea and a book. I will deal with the aftermath tomorrow! LOL! Hugs, P
    P.S. Loved the photo of the beach with the moon and your final shot warmed my heart! Beautiful!


    1. Probably wise to hunker down and stay put……Yes, the moon and beach shot was a lovely surprise. Thanks.


  6. Loved the beach photos & nice to see their improvements. Loved the octopus pots & the gorgeous bougainvillea.


    1. Thanks Joannie…….so wonderful to bury our toes in the warm sand.


  7. Lovely….nice changes to the beach area. DROOL!!!! 🙂


  8. Yes,Randy, it made me smile! A beautiful shot! Thank you for sharing it. I hope you both enjoy many more beach walks….one of my favourite Algarve activities.


    1. Just home from a fabulous fresh fish lunch in Fuzeta and another walk along the beach. I am still pinching myself after all these years!!


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