Settling In Nicely

We were surprised this morning to realize that it’s been a week since we flew out of Toronto.  Slow Down!!!!!

We’ve been disciplined in our daily walks.  I’ve read it take 30 days of doing the same activity daily to create a habit.!  We’ve a way to go!

Yesterday was quite warm as we hiked up the mountain road near the Quinta and within ten minutes from home we were peeling things off.  I’m trying to pay attention to that and wear a bit less as it’s cumbersome to carry it all.  Not complaining, simply “note to self”.

We ended up heading into Fuzeta for a delightful fresh fish (corvina) on the patio of one of our favourite places, O Pedro.

We aided digestion by enjoying a leisurely walk along the beach and boardwalk before heading back to Estoi.  This town is quite special to me as it was my first exposure to Portugal back when I started coming here for the winter.

Today was a bit cooler, only 17 degrees, with clouds moving in and out all day.  It seemed to threaten rain but happily, it never arrived.   We had a few things to do around the house today as well our friends Harald and Bela were to arrive mid-morning and we wanted to stick around to greet them.   They did arrive safe and sound, albeit tired.  We are especially elated they are here and look forward to spending quality time together.

Late morning we headed off to run a few errands, always those things that you realize you didn’t bring and can’t live without, and while out enjoyed a relaxing lunch.  Once home I headed out for a walk around town while Marc busied himself with residual administrative issues tied to his recent exhibition.  I was struck with the quietness of the streets and the feeling of calmness and tranquility in the air.  We are so lucky to have found this tiny haven.

There is some construction going on with the house next door and I climbed up to our terrace to inspect the progress when I happened to look out and noticed the view, and how different in was from one direction to the other.   These following photos are virtually taken from the same spot just simply opposite directions.

And that, in a nutshell, is how our day has unfolded.   It’s just after 17h00 here and time for a “cinq à sept”, which for those of you who don’t know the term is a French-language term for activities taking place after work and before returning home, or for having dinner. It may also be written as 5 à 7 or 5@7…..we use it as an excuse to enjoy a cocktail…..our first G&T since arrival.

La Dolce Vita!

10 thoughts on “Settling In Nicely

  1. Enjoying your posts, very cathartic. Living the Portuguese life vicariously through you.

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Would love to see you both back here some day!!


  2. Aaaaaaahhhh…another lovely day in paradise. Great post. Keep ’em coming. We will be there in about 60 days.


    1. That time will fly by. In the meantime, stay warm and dry.


  3. ‘‘Tis lovely, lovely indeed. Enjoying a glimmer into your days. xx


    1. Soon you will be here to share in them!!


  4. Ahhhhhh, it’s so nice to sit back, relax and pretend I’m there in Portugal as I take in the beautiful pictures and details of the day. The main picture is again a beautiful one. The stunning orange and creamy white blossoms against that beautiful blue sky with the fluffy white clouds. Just lovely.

    Keep the beauty coming please.

    Love to you both.


    1. We will do our best in collaboration with Mother Nature.


  5. You’ve got ‘a peaceful, easy feeling’ about you…love it! Warm regards to Harald and Bela, many lovely times with them to share.
    Cinq à sept is such a guiltless pleasure, especially white port mixed with tonic and a zest of lemon!
    Carry on and enjoy your bliss! Am enjoying the memories! xoxo


    1. A good reminder for me to purchase white port!!!!! Glad you are enjoying……it’s much drier here this year than last.


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