Market Madness

Olhão is the largest fishing port of the Algarve and it’s only about 8 kms from us! At one location you have all your fruits and vegetables, and even if they are all selling almost the exact same things, it is super nice to walk around and just enjoy life.  Combine that with the local fishermen, the butchers, cheeses and almost anything else you can think of to purchase and you have our Saturday morning routine.  With this being our first since our return this year it felt extra special.


The market is adjacent to the sea which means the air smells fresh and there is almost as much activity on the water as there is at the market itself.  The tide was just starting to roll in when we left.

We thoroughly enjoyed our wanderings and for the meager sum of  10,30 euro we bought fresh beets, eggplant, a cabbage, fresh raspberries, a zucchini, three onions, a half-liter of locally prepared olives, green beans, and sweet potatoes.  A stop at the local grocery on the way out of town finished off the shopping for the next few days.

Happily, we bumped into our friends Harald and Bela, their first market of the trip also, and we sat to people watch, enjoy a bica and catch up.   As always happens when we go to the Olhão market…..the ghost of our good friend Gwen M was right there with us.  Sadly she isn’t able to make it back again this year but there’s always next!

We’re trying to eat at home a bit more this year therefore once done at the market we headed for home, enjoyed lunch then I sat on the terrace to read for an hour while Marc worked on one of his projects.  I then headed off for a walk around the village and bumped into our friends Susie and Gus, which turned into a good gabfest.


We finished off our afternoon with a “tea” at the apartment of Harald and Bela.  It is wonderful to have them here at the Quinta again.  Harald is my hiking partner from last year and I look forward to our first outing.  Bela, a fellow artist, is a great companion for Marc as they can spend time together in silence or solving the problems of the world.

Tomorrow is supposed to rain and if it does I think it might be nice to stay in our jammies and curl up with a book, especially now that the menu is decided and the ingredients in the fridge!!

8 thoughts on “Market Madness

  1. Your friend Gwen M. Is very much missing her time at The Wuinta and the Olhao Mercado. But I get to live vicariously through My Boyys!! I’m making a big batch of Spag Bol sauce to celebrate my access through thine eyes!! Ta.


  2. Great photos of the market as it is such a great one! Lots of produce etc and a great place to people watch. Love that guy curing the pumpkin with the saw.


    1. What impresses me most is the quality and price of the produce! We (as you know) eat quite well for very little.


  3. The Ohlão market is one of my absolute favourites. And I agree, the homemade cream you purchased there is very nice. I’ve been using mine quite sparingly these days in hopes that it might last until my return in January. Enjoy your pj day tomorrow 💞


    1. He also had a couple of new creams/oils this time.

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  4. Oh Wow! Olhao! Always something new to see, the fresh fruit and produce locally grown, so rich in flavour and taste! The dedicated farmers who hauled their goods week in and week out, always amazed me….not an easy life! Great people watching…such colourful characters, all with unique personal stories! Yes, the Olhao market is a treasure, for sure and one I will miss. Especially when the Gypsy Market comes to Olhao!
    Loving your blog! xoxo


    1. The gypsy market is a permanent fixture beside the old market buildings. It’s there all the time now but especially occupied on the Saturday.


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