Tootling in Tavira!

Another perfect Algarvian day creating yet another excuse for getting out and exploring.  Who wants to stay cooped up inside on a day where the sun is shining, the temperature is 17, and your agenda is literally empty.  Not us.

Marc wanted to pick up a few new canvases, which made a perfect excuse for us to head to Tavira as we had located a great art supply store last year. I had already expressed a desire to head there “soon” and ramble about, explore a handful of new locations in and around town…..two birds with one stone.

We always manage to stumble on something that gives us our chuckle for the day.  No exception on this fine and sunny one.   We were wandering down a small street where a local worker was busy trimming all the various bougainvillea hanging from the many roof lines.  His van blocked the entire street and he had the back doors wide open, to allow access to his tools etc..  He had also left his front driver’s window open a crack.  Just as we were beside him he let out a string of probable curses (Portuguese) in an angry voice…….he was pulling open the driver’s door and out barreled a large but skinny cat.  Turns out, before starting his work he stopped to pick up fresh fish for the evening and it was in a bag in the front seat………at this point, partially eaten by Mister Puss!  The cat had obviously climbed in through one of the openings and was feasting…the poor thing was starving.  The worker was not amused, not at all!

With all the walking we had built up quite an appetite and without any discussion we found ourselves heading for one of our favourite places Zeca da Bica.  We were greeted with warm handshakes and Olá Olá, como você está, como estão as coisas..hello hello how are you, how is everything.  It brought smiles to our already happy faces.  Later when we were leaving we told him…. te vejo em breve, see you soon.  He smiled and gave us yet another familiar pat.


We both took the special of the day……javili….wild boar.    I can safely say that plates were practically licked. (minus the potatoes).  If you’ve never enjoyed this dish it’s very rich and usually, as was the case today, very tender.  You can see we washed it down with a tall cold Super Bock!


After lunch we had a couple of places we wanted to stop by plus the obligatory grocery stop.  We were parked quite a distance from the old part of town…intentionally…..which allowed us another bit of exploration, a stop at the tourist centre to pick up a book of local events, then onward.

It was a perfect kind of day for us.  Easy and lazy walking.  Stopping to look at things, explore a few streets we hadn’t been on before and simply breath in the warm sea air in one of our favourite towns in the Algarve.    As we neared home, on the back roads, we passed a large orchard of plum trees, long since harvested but the sun shining on the leaves was glorious.


21 thoughts on “Tootling in Tavira!

  1. Your blogs take my breath away…literally..when I get to the end,I realized I hadn’t been breathing…love you🥰


    1. What a wonderful piece of feedback. I’m so happy you enjoy them, that gives me great pleasure.


  2. Thanks for this, love Tavira and your photos certainly do it justice. What a great idea, the recycle fish! Glad the poor skinny cat got a nice lunch 🙂


    1. Yes, it’s a lovely town and so worth spending some time in. It’s where we “officially” met!!!


  3. What a wonderful day you had! That large flower looks like a double hibiscus


    1. It does look like that doesn’t it? But, the tree was quite enormous and neither the branches or leaves resembled hibiscus. I’m going to keep my eye on it for early spring to see what starts popping out of the branches.


  4. Looks like you had a lovely day in a lovely town. G&T time now?


    1. Love Tavira and nope, water only this afternoon and evening!


  5. Lovely post today with great photos. Yeah…one for the cat!


    1. LOL. We’ve noticed lots of places where people are putting out food for the cats. We’ve also seen a few rats so far this trip!


      1. That’s not good! Although I’m sure they’ve always been around.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. As always…a great view into your days “tootling” along as you were. Most often there’s a story. That flowers does look like a hibiscus or maybe a flowering maple??? You can look it up. Burr, it’s a dampish day here….chilling to the bone.


    1. I’ll have to take you to look at the tree when you arrive and give me your opinion. Stay warm and dry. A little Portuguese brandy would take the chill off.


  7. Can’t wait until our visit there. We will have to try that restaurant. Any other suggestions in Tavira would be greatly appreciated. We are there for 3 weeks.


    1. I’ll start keeping a list. Sadly another two places we quite liked have closed!


  8. Tavira 🙂

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    1. We thought of you while there, especially when we walked past your apartment!!


  9. Oh how I love that angel on the roof! How beautiful she is.

    The balcony with the double white doors, set in the turquoise brick and the little flower border at the bottom…. gorgeous!!! What an inviting balcony it is. I’d love to see the inside!

    That door knocker would look much better with some eyes in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’ll have to go back and get pictures of the open pink blossoms against that lovely purple door.

    Yummy! The wild boor lunch looks delicious.

    The portuguese cock is lovely. One could tell that it was large.

    Ahhhh, and that ends my day nicely. I love getting out and about in Portugal. 🙂



    1. Don’t think that naughty remark escaped me! How bad you are.


  10. Great day all round! I really love the flowers…rich, deep colours, beautiful! The doors are fabulous colours as well. Good choice of restaurant…consistently good! Tavira holds a special place in my heart…fond memories! Your last photo of the plum orchard is terrific…you rocked it!


    1. Thanks. The earth is very very dry and parched this year, which means it looks sort of drab. All the wonderful doors and especially the bougainvillea make up for that!! We love that we find newness every time we visit Tavira. A good reason to keep going time after time.


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