The Dimming of the Day

Where does the time go I keep asking myself?  We are here now more than two weeks, we don’t seem to stop and yet I can’t really tell you what, if anything I have truly accomplished.  That is not a complaint as I love how, in my retirement, it’s all merging together into one fabulous memory after another.  Thank goodness I am organized in labeling all my photos, when I need to know what I did on any given day I simply have to look in my photo file!!!

This past week feels like that!  Sadly I didn’t take many photos, therefore, am forced to have to actually recall!

I know I visited my friends Sarah and Henrique on Wednesday and we enjoyed an afternoon of catching up, remembering and dreaming about what is to come.

On Thursday I headed off to explore a wonderful park near Olhão that our friends Ana and  Simão told me about.

IMG_0201The trails, which wind through a gorgeous pine forest, are well marked and one loop is one km.  I did five of them and only called it quits then because the sky was threatening rain.  (Not that I have to worry about melting)!  I am happy to have learned about this place as it’s not far from home and provides a wonderful destination for a walk away from traffic and asphalt.

Yesterday we had a few errands to run as Monday is our appointment with the immigration folks for a renewal of our residency cards and I needed to have some documents printed.  We are now all set and ready to meet with them.  I’m confident it will all go smoothly and we are then done for another two years.

Today, Saturday was as always, the Olhão market.  We were meeting friends, Sanders and Robert, and spending the day together.  It turned out to be lovely and sunny and although I didn’t take many photos of the market itself, I did get a few of our wanderings.   We explored the market, enjoyed lunch at the restaurant at the Marina then headed onwards to enjoy a walk in Fuzeta.  A marvelous day for all.

We strolled about and finally settled on a patio near the harbour to enjoy a Sagres and a final chat as Sanders and Robert head to Lisboa on Monday morning then back to Montreal on Tuesday.  We totally enjoyed our time with them and know it’s not the last time we’ll share experiences with them here on Portuguese soil!

IMG_0216 As we arrived home the sun was setting and we, once again, reminded each other of how fortunate we are.



10 thoughts on “The Dimming of the Day

  1. I think you and Mark are “doing” retirement the exact way it should be done. The freedom to do what you want, when you want and where you want is truly a gift. Hope everything goes smoothly Monday.


    1. Thanks so much. I’m nothing if not prepared


  2. Just sat down with a hard lemonade after a very busy day and reading your blog was so calming and relaxing. Just what I needed.


    1. Well I am glad I could help you unwind!


  3. Beautiful day with you and Marc… we are very lucky… hope the best for you both… and yes we’ll be back soon! Continue to take care of yourselves …😘😘


    1. Enjoy your last couple of days and safe travels


  4. Looked like a lovely day with your friends. The park looks so nice & peaceful, thus a great place to walk.loved Sanders new chapeau!


    1. You’d look great in that hat Joannie!! Maybe you’ll have to come back just to purchase one for yourself?


  5. Lovely wrap-up of a leisurely week filled with that peaceful easy feeling…a good read! Thanks for the calm…time for tea! xoxo


    1. Yes, it’s been an amazing week…..and another just starting. Off to SEF!


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