Hapless Humidity!!

In all my years of coming here, I have never been bothered by or noticed much humidity, at least not the kind we experience in the Ottawa Valley.  Not so today.  We headed out for another bit of galivanting and scouting out a few new routes and I swear, I was soaked to the skin in about 20 minutes.   We didn’t let it deter us but both of us had to change clothing once home.

These days, with walking daily in our “neighbourhood”, we are a bit more apt to wander down a previously unexplored laneway or farm track.  It makes for much fun, a few adventures, and sometimes a new loop to store away for another time.

We had a date for lunch with Harald and Bela, which we were eagerly looking forward to.  We all seem to get occupied with our own things and don’t get to see each other as often as we might like. Hence, Marc made a date for us.

Harald offered to drive and suggested São Brás de Alportel.  We headed off, four choices in mind.  Our first destination turned out to be under renovation and our second turned out to be a perfect choice, and new to both Marc and myself.


I took this photo as we left the place and it was simply by chance that Harald stepped out just as I took the “snap”.   The food was wonderful, both plentiful, and delicious.  (yes, Pat and Gary, we will be going back with you)!

Bela had a grilled tuna plate and Harald a small pot of arroz de tamboril, Monk fish rice.  I tasted it and I won’t need a menu the next time I go as it was delectable.  (I forgot to take photos).

A lovely visit, a lively and vibrant atmosphere, great food, wonderful friends.  How much better does it all get!!!!


10 thoughts on “Hapless Humidity!!

  1. Having made a depressing decision to stay in Ottawa this winter, I am even more envious of you two and your hikes and lunches!


    1. I’m sorry to learn you won’t get a break from winter this year. I will try to keep sending colour your way to brighten the days. Dream of next winters warmer vacation.


  2. Line up all those new hikes and restaurants. We’re looking forward to all of them.youand Marc are keeping up the momentum….good for you guys.


  3. A hike and an excellent lunch with good friends, a perfect day in my books!


  4. Looking foreword to visiting this restaurant, and trying the Bacalhau com Natas!!


    1. Yes, your ears must have been burning today cause we mentioned that. Marc said it was not only delicious but it stayed super hot to the very end.


  5. Love bacalhau com natos & it looked tasty! Great pepper plant.


    1. An entire piri piri plant. And yes, Marc’s dish was amazing according to him.


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