Cerro da Cabeça – Moncarapacho

Another gorgeous day and another fabulous hike, this one by myself.  I headed out to find a trail that somebody had mentioned to me but alas, I simply couldn’t locate the start of it.  I’ll try again next week.  Given I was in the vicinity of Moncarapacho I recalled another trail that had been mentioned to me last year, that I had tried to find and couldn’t and decided today I would not come home until I did find it!!!

Happily, in the last couple of years the region has been working at “signing” many of the walking trails and I was able to find the one from last year without any effort.

The Cerro da Cabeça is a low lying hill/mountain.  The terrain is rugged and rocky and the area has many caves of great archaeological interest.  It’s apparently home to millions of bats…..which of course I did not see during the day.

IMG_0285 Standing next to the Miradouro, (view point), (the yellow structure)  is a Look Out tower built onto the rocks.  It’s odd to me that both have been built here plus a large staircase has been poured to help you climb the last 100 meters or so. To reach this point took only about 20 minutes or so from the parking area however the trail continues along throughout the mountain for quite a distance.  I walked over 8 kms before I finally bumped into some others, which is when I learned that it was not a loop as such.  Sadly they weren’t able to tell me where I would come out, which of course was problematic because I would need to get back to my car.  I finally turned around.

The fresh air, the sound of the birds, the scents from the trees and shrubs, all combined to make this a wonderful experience.  I saw four rabbits……large long-eared jackrabbits who were each startled by my presence.   I spooked countless grouse,  pheasants, and quail.  I sighted three snakes and a few small lizards but they were all to fast for my camera.   I did not see any boar but signs of them everywhere.  One area, in particular, was riddled with tracks of all sizes and in my mind, quite fresh.

At one point, as I rounded a bend quite high up the mountain I had a great perspective on  São Miguel.


I also came across an area that held the remnants of an old building and was surrounded by a massive cactus garden.  It seemed to have been dropped out of the sky!


All in all a wonderful find for me and one I will return to with water (I forgot today) and a walking stick to help me maneuver some of the terrain and give an extra bit of footing.  I would like to finalize the “loop” and see where it actually brings me.

Tomorrow is going to be another very warm day but also market day.  We love our Saturday morning routine and will head off for Olhão after breakfast plus, we have already ordered our lunch for tomorrow at the cafe here on the square…one of our very favourites meals!!!!   You’ll have to wait to find out what it is!!

Life, as Randy and Marc know it, is sublime.

7 thoughts on “Cerro da Cabeça – Moncarapacho

  1. Sounds like a lovey hike. I’m interested in learning more about this trail, in particular where it starts from?
    Hugs from the other side of the pond.


    1. Would love to hike it with you? My fees are minimal. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

      1. IMIN…and looking forward to tracking down a few wild boar with you 🐗 🐽 😜

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Froze my nose just walking the dog this morning!


    1. Ouch!!!! For what it’s worth, I thought of you during my walk today. You would have loved the views from on high. Stay warm and drink lots of wine!!


  3. Oh boy . . .you sure do know how to pull al this gal’s heartstrings! My wild winter of house/dog sitting on the Cabeca will surely go down as one of the most memorable experiences of my life! How I love that wild, rugged area. Taking the dogs for daily walks got me out and about on a regular basis . . .and got me down trails and tracks I’d probably not venture on my own. I’m so glad you’re getting to explore it in its extremes. Be careful of those wild boar. They can be very unruly and dangerous! Thanks for the memories.


    1. You were with me on most of the trail!!!! I’m pretty certain that I had I continued I would have come down that old farm road where you actually lived. My plan is to return and finish the loop but this time with a bottle of water!!! And yes, what a marvellous place you had at the foot of the Cabeça. Remember the cat and the stealing of your wonderful food!!!!!


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