The Last Day of November

Our promise of sunshine didn’t materialize today but it didn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying the day.   Thankfully it was lovely and warm, perfect for wandering around the market area in Olhão and eventually, a lovely lunch on a patio with our friends Harald and Bela.

DSC06450 Our first stop in Olhão every Saturday morning is for a loaf of freshly baked bread from this marvellous place that Bela introduced us to last year.  Today, while Marc took care of business, I wandered down the pasty displays and decided it would be fun to take a couple of shots for you sweet tooth people.  This is only two of the potential six displays!!

Having a zero sweet tooth, it does nothing for me but I know that one of you in particular, you know who you are, is drooling over these!!!

We decided to continue down the main street for a walkabout this morning as we really didn’t have need of the market, except for some lettuce.  I think the darker skies deterred quite a few people as the market was not at all heavily attended like usual.


I love how apartment dwellers decorate their balconies with living things and colour then lovingly attend to it all.


A table full of bobbing heads!!!!   It begged to be photographed and included in today’s blog.


The tide was partially out and it seems these starfish were stranded on the shoreline.  Hopefully, they will head back out to sea once the tide comes back in.


Can you find Waldo?   We frequently see small groups of people like this in the markets, especially around special times of the year like Easter and Christmas.  They play, sing, and today they even danced to raise money for their group or cause.  It always makes me feel festive.


Walking back to the car I noticed this tiny alleyway with this gorgeous bougainvillaea in bloom and acting as a canopy over the restaurant doorway.  I found it very striking and perfect splash of deep red to counter the darkening sky.

We dropped our supplies at home then hurried down to the main square for lunch where we were meeting our friends, Bela and Harald.  The terrace was almost empty however having pre-ordered, our reserved table was set up for us.

IMG_0288Arroz de pato…….duck rice……one of our very favourites.   I wish I could aptly describe the taste and texture of this marvellous dish.   The duck is cooked the day before and the broth is saved for cooking the rice then it’s all assembled, peppered with nutmeg and chorizo and WOWSERS…..dancing tastebuds!!

A slow leisurely saunter home through the Pousada grounds helped with the digestion however, a tiny siesta was in order (for me at least) and the couch is where I stayed for the balance of the afternoon with my book, Ipad, and a lovely fire thanks to my wonderful husband.


Bela and Marc in deep conversation, no doubt plotting something!!!

Tomorrow is December 1st, which seems impossible, and this afternoon I’ve been researching and plotting out several of the Christmas markets and fairs we might want to attend over the coming weeks.  We’ve been discussing our favourites from a couple of years ago and I think we’ve narrowed it down but the first step is simply knowing when…..we don’t do the “present thing” but we do enjoy the energy at these markets and discovering the occasional artisanal treat.  Stay tuned!!

9 thoughts on “The Last Day of November

  1. Ciao to Bela and Herald….I’m dreaming of a hike or two. Hard to imagine it’s December!


    1. Won’t be a whole lot longer and you’ll be packing your hikers to head this way. Yahoo.


  2. Loving the adventure.


    1. Thanks Ken. Life is grand. Won’t be much longer for you to head this way.


  3. Andrée-Anne Villeneuve December 1, 2019 — 12:45 am

    Allô les boys,

    Marrant… voici la même photo du même appartement et du même monsieur… prise au printemps dernier…. à Olhão!

    Toujours intéressant votre site surtout que je reconnais tellement d’endroits!

    Bises à vous deux!

    Andrée-Anne Xxxx

    Le sam. 30 nov. 2019 à 13:50, Marc and Randys Travel Adventures a écrit :

    > canadianboystravel posted: “Our promise of sunshine didn’t materialize > today but it didn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying the day. > Thankfully it was lovely and warm, perfect for wandering around the market > area in Olhão and eventually, a lovely lunch on a patio with our fri” >


  4. It is so wonderful that the residents of Portugal can have flowers blooming all year. I thought it may have been duck rice that was on your lunch menu & it looked great.


    1. Yes and lovely for us imports who get to see such beauty each day! Lunch was amazing…..way to much. Half portion next time.


  5. I mentally tagged along with you at the market…I really enjoy the Olhao Market. No doubt, I would have bought more than lettuce!
    Say hello to Harald and Bela for me; hopefully they have settled in nicely.
    The duck in my freezer is destined to become duck rice next weekend…that’s the plan! One of my favourite dishes. I can almost taste yours but I know you don’t share!
    Yup, Christmas is in the air and I love it! xoxo


    1. Did I give you my duck rice recipe? It was perfect. I’ll see if I have it here on my laptop and send it if I do.


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