Our First Christmas Market of the Season

These photos are my view as I sit here writing my blog. I love all the natural light we get in our apartment and of course, the colours of outside.  Right now we are playing fado music, each of us immersed in our own project, full from lunch and not thinking of a single thing beyond the moment.  Such luxury!!

Today we headed off to São Brás de Alportel, just up the road in the mountains, and the Museo do Traje (Costume Museum). to attend the Feirnha de Natal (Christmas Fair.)  How strange to be walking about in 16 degree weather, a light mist on the air all the while listening to strains for “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow”!!!!

We discovered a myriad of interesting items.  Homemade cakes, quiches and sweets, organic jams and honey, Christmas plants and decorations, bags, decorative candles, and cards, jewellery, recycled artefacts, art, woolly winter knits and lots more to suit all tastes and budgets.   I fell in love with a painting that was “only” 3,000 euros!!!

Turns out that this (2019) is the last in the 12 year Chinese zodiac cycle and is the year of the earth pig!!!!!!   The boar!!!!!  We chatted with a woman who is a poet and she, along with others (including three Canadians) have published a book of Haiku poetry related to the pig.  If you purchased a book (5 euros) you were able to choose a free Christmas decoration!!!  A no brainer for me given my love of the wild boar.


We both thoroughly enjoyed the fair and wandering about.  Once done we decided to enjoy a tiny exploration of a few more side streets in São Brás, something we’ve promised ourselves we will do more of.

Our big debate these days is, “do we eat out or do we head home for lunch”?  Home won out only because the line up at Luís dos Frangos was literally out the door!!!  Closed on Monday, lengthy line-up on Sunday…..note to self…..avoid those two days!!!

We stopped for gas on the way home and directly in front of the pumps is a wash for vehicles………took this for Bonnie and Ken.


And in closing, one of my favouites of the day.   Delightfully eclectic.  She gave me an enormous smile right after this, I’m not certain she realized it was her I was photographing!


14 thoughts on “Our First Christmas Market of the Season

  1. Aaaahhh….another lovely day I see. Thanks for the “bike wash” photos.


    1. It was fun to watch then washing their bikes and trying not to get themselves soaked at the same time. Right now the sun is blazing and it’s a gorgeous day. Endless days of sunshine ahead.


  2. Very nice! I’m getting out to many Christmas Markets as well. I’m always thrilled and amazed by all the creativity; it’s food for my soul. Now into baking….a ritual that I so enjoy. Love the lady’s outfit; a beauty.


    1. We are looking forward to the Christmas sale at Cacela Velha on December 8th. It was probably our favourite two years ago and we missed it last year. So much felting at these markets that always makes me think of you. A gorgeous felted full length coat today but they wouldn’t let me take a photo.


  3. I once spent Christmas in Vegas and recall the irony of hearing “O Come All Ye Faithful” playing in the casinos!


    1. Have I told you lately how much I hate WordPress, lol. Diane P.


      1. You haven’t BUT…I’m currently doing battle with them before my potential “renewal” at the end of this month.


    2. LMAO…yes, that would have stood out to me as well.


  4. Wow, love the photos of your apartment! And those cats, though I don’t love cats I downloaded the photo to send to my sister who has always had cats. Hope you don’t mind. Guess I should have asked first.


    1. You are more than welcome to download all my photos!!! Thanks for the comments re our apartment. We love it here and I realized that we probably haven’t shared it before. Marc has a wonderful video of coming in from the outside and all the way through. Would you like us to send it to you?


  5. Lovely photos at the Christmas Fair. Really like the Boar Xmas ornament & it has perfect stitchers. The eclectic lady is certainly coordinated!


    1. Come on Joannie…..you too could co-ordinate like that and walk around like you own the place!!!


  6. Yes, with different colors!

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