Happy Trails to Us!

The other day I mentioned that somebody had told me about a new trail and I couldn’t find it……..that I was going to go back and look again…….well, today Marc and I set out and it’s amazing what a second set of eyes can do!!!


The Trail of Eagles……a totally new, and wonderful route, to climb to the top of São Miguel, a favourite route of ours as it’s not far from home, can be done in just under two hours, and is demanding without being too demanding!  We were both thrilled to have found it and to discover how wonderful it was.

The birds were calling out to us the entire hike, not always in an endearing way!   I think we started a few grouse on the way up, and a couple of times they startled us.

All in all a great expedition for both of us and of course an appetite builder.  We headed into Moncarapacho and discovered that most places were closed today, typical Monday in the Algarve.  We did find a place open, one we had visited and enjoyed a couple of years ago and we weren’t disappointed…….frango español….Spanish chicken.  (Forgot to take a photo).   We received an entire tray stacked with succulent tasty chicken smothered in home made fries!!!!  We made a dent but couldn’t possibly finish it.

Funny story….we were having lunch and realized that once the Portuguese workmen left, the patio was occupied with us Canadians, three French people, a British man, and his young son.   We couldn’t help but hear conversations and the young boy was quite chatty.   He suddenly announced to his father…….”I know a French word”.  The Father asked what it was and the boy replied “derrièrethen went on to say that it means “bottom”.  The Father asked him how he knew that and the little boy replied, “because  Mommy told me that she always had to clean the derrière of the old woman she looks after”.    Maybe you had to be there but my goodness it was funny in the moment.

And with that, a walk around Moncarapacho, the skies opened and home we headed.

The Pousada near us is currently undergoing a paint job………we woke up to scaffolding this morning and can’t wait to see the fresh paint being applied.  I sure hope they keep the original colours.


11 thoughts on “Happy Trails to Us!

  1. Great trail!!! I hiked it mentally to exercise my legs, that are cramping from this long drive. 5 hours in and nearly 9 more to go.


    1. I told Marc today that you would have loved it. Quite a nice trail.


  2. Such a good read and enjoyed your photos with your new camera with the ‘marco feature’! LOL! Cute recounting of the little boy’s story; I had a chuckle! Thrilled the Pousada is getting painted but the last photo of the fellows on the lift(?) unnerved me being deathly afraid of heights! Another lovely day in Paradise! xo


    1. They are safe as the lift is attached to a large crane…..and I don’t mean a bird!!!! that would require an “e”!!!!


  3. Bonnie and I are looking forward to getting our derrierrs over to Portugal.


    1. LMAO!!!! Don’t you mean your “bottoms”?


  4. What a wonderful trail! I wonder if the French people understood the little boy’s story? So funny!


    1. I believe they did as they suddenly went very quiet and simply looked at each other. We were also chatting in French at the time and I believe they were listening to us to try and figure out where we were from. They didn’t seem very friendly!


      1. The French can be very weird sometimes.

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  5. Nice photos! Love the tiny blue flower & had a chuckle with the story from the little boy. And last but not least, I love Frango in Portugal as they certainly know how to cook chicken.


    1. I still remember the first time you came here…..you ate so much chicken I thought you were going to fly yourself home!!!! They do love their chicken……..I am pretty certain we had an entire chicken on our plates yesterday. No way we could finish it!!!!! And yes, it was absolutely delicious!!


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