Wayfaring Wanderers

To think we’ve already been here for over a month is a bit surreal for us to get our heads around.  It truly feels as if we’ve just arrived yet when I look back at my blog posts it’s amazing how much we’ve been doing.  As always!

We had determined we would enjoy a lazy relaxing day around the Quinta but at 10h15 we suddenly changed our minds, jumped in the car, and headed into Olhão.  It was the right decision as the sunshine on the water, the scent of the high tide, the market energy, all helped to energize us and motivated us to wander some of the back streets of  Olhão.  Always a wonderful experience.

We bought fresh bread, local leeks, a large basket of wild blackberries, green beans, all for a total of 5 euros!!  Given we didn’t need anything other than bread, it was ok!  We then headed off to wander some of the back streets.

We decided to head home and enjoy lunch in the square.  Dropped our purchases at home then walked the short distance and found our friend Gus sitting there alone.  Poor Susie has a cold (hugs Susie).  Marion and David showed up and a good time was had by all.   Today was the owner’s birthday and she was happy to show off her new footwear!!

We had a plate of hot pastel de natas delivered to our table to celebrate the birthday.  A lovely gesture.  Sadly I can’t eat them but somebody at the table got to enjoy two of them!!!

The morning exercise, the sun, the food, and the beer finally got the best of us.  Marc and I headed home and found sunny spots on the upstairs terrace, he to paint, me to lay back and get my intake of vitamin D and both of us enjoying new music.   Not a bad day given we weren’t going to do anything!

I took this the other day……….the nespera (loquat) blossom. The flowers have a rich, sweet scent and are quite delicate.   I loved both the busy bee and the snail in this shot.  Mother Nature doing what she does best.


6 thoughts on “Wayfaring Wanderers

  1. Nice nice nice and…..nice!


  2. Love Olhao & the market! Quite the birthday shoes..LOL!


    1. Gives a whole new perspective on a “kick in the arse”


  3. Sometimes it’s just nice to be spontaneous. You never know what you’re going to see. LOL I’m sure those penis slippers brightened up everyone’s day.
    I could sure enjoy a nice warm pastel de nata to go with my coffee right now!! Yum.

    I love the water covers. 🙂



    1. I’d pack one and bring it home for you but I think it might get squished!


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