Market Magic

Today was the Cacela Velha Christmas market.  It was one of our favourites this past two years, not only for the wonderful market but also for the majesty of Cacela Velha.

Cacela Velha is situated on top of a hill with a view to the easternmost lagoon of the Ria Formosa.  The beach here is usually much quieter than other beaches in the area and when the tide is low, you can walk forever.

We were doubly delighted as our friends Harald and Bela had agreed to accompany us. With the blue sky and the sunshine as fellow companions, off we headed.

At the market we found antiques, second-hand items, traditional handcrafted and modern items, Algarvian food products such as honey, figs, jams and liquors. There was also no shortage of books and toys.  We enjoyed many conversations with vendors and artists and of course, the slow leisurely walkabout taking it all in.

There was also a contest for the most beautiful stall and these two smiling faces cornered Marc and me to ask us to vote for them.  We totally forgot on the way out!!!!!


A grand day and fun had by all.   We attempted to get a rooftop table at the local restaurant but sadly they were full which meant we left town and ended up at another place without the lovely sea view but…….we enjoyed the company, the food and the extension of our outing.   There will most certainly be other visits to Cacela Velha and hopefully during one of those, a rooftop lunch!!

8 thoughts on “Market Magic

  1. Love that little town….I remember it well. The view is amazing. And yes…..with the circular road you surely cannot get lost.


    1. As you could see from the photos, a warm day. The market was very well attended and quite festive. Won’t be much longer and you’ll be “just up the road”


  2. Another lovely day in the Algarve! Thank you for sharing your travels with us.


  3. Oh my! Never mind the rugs that are airing, look at those lime green curtains against that bright blue trim!!!! How beautiful is that!

    Now why do you say, “poor little pooch.”?????????? The little dog is probably having the time of its life. Perhaps it had a bad leg or is not able to walk on its own for long??? Remember I had to buy a stroller for Ollie too. When he pulled off his kneecap he was in terrible pain and couldn’t walk more than a few feet at a time. He LOVED going out still though, he sat up in his stroller and got to see people and other dogs along our walks. He was still got his daily walks, even if it was mostly in a stroller….. he was a happy dog. 🙂

    Awwww, you should have voted for those two lovelies. My goodness, look at the amazing complection on the younger one. She’s beautiful.



    1. Truly, the dog looked embarrassed! LOL. It was strapped in and couldn’t move even if he wanted to get out. Yes, we would have voted but we simply forgot. Distracted.


  4. O.K. I am jealous! What a fabulous day…I would have been in my glory and Janey would have had a doll from Grams! So festive and fun! I love your ‘sea’ photos…just beautiful; I enjoyed your blog, taking it all in, knowing what a sweet village you were in! Oh my!
    Please let Bela know I have given her A+++ for her scarf selections. She has lovely taste and fashion sense!
    P xoxo


    1. Yes, we thought of you while wandering the market. You would have been (to quote you). Mental! Bella’s scarf was a gift from friends. It was quite a beautiful wool. I will pass along your comment.


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