Presépio de Sal- Nativity Scene of Salt

Despite the damp day, Harald, Bela, Marc and myself headed off to Castro Marim to see the  Presépio de Sal- Nativity Scene of Salt.


Last year Marc and I went to Vila Real to see their presentation, which was pretty phenomenal, however, this one, although different, did not disappoint.  The “featured photo” above is a shot taken as we entered the room just to give you an idea of size.

Bela enjoyed a chat with one of the women working and learned that this entire display is assembled and maintained by four local men.  There are 10 tons of sea salt used and once the display is eventually dimantled the salt is taken into the mountains where there may be snow on the roads and used for that purpose.

All of thee figurines are hand made and hand-painted.  The ones that have moving parts, there are many, or of wood, are made by local Portuguese people.  The others come from Spain or Italy.  Each year the exhibit is growing in size, which means more salt, more figurines etc..

I’m not going to say much more or tag many of the photos as the ones of the nativity village speak for themselves.  Enjoy.

Impressive and a very enjoyable outing.  We wandered a little, visited the local tourist office, found a place for a satisfying and delicious lunch then wound our way back home.


As we wandered around town we noticed a new sculpture that was not there last year…….here it is…..

IMG_0564 On closer inspection……..this is what we found…subtle but effective.

4 thoughts on “Presépio de Sal- Nativity Scene of Salt

  1. Very impressive & cudos to the local people for their work and talent.


    1. It was pretty amazing to see it in person. You could easily go back a second or third time to truly take it all in.


  2. I love this kind of art, often very local. You find it in many places. We saw a similar display in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse in Provence. They used “santons’ in the displays. We also saw a huge display, about the size of the one in this post of a circus in Sarasota, Florida. I love observing the detail!


    1. I too love the details. I find I could go back a couple of more times and not tire of it plus see new things each time. The beauty for us is we can go through the week when it is virtually empty. Retirement is grand. Thanks for your comments.


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