The Calm After the Storms!!

Today, Sunday is the first time in many days where we have the return of the gorgeous blue Portuguese sky and endless sunshine.  The country has been hit quite hard by two back to back storms, Depression Elsa and Depression Fabien.   They’ve wreaked much havoc to the north of us and most of the coast has been under an orange alert for the better part of the last few days.   Here in the Algarve, we’ve experienced severe winds and rain but nothing compared to the rest of the country where deaths, flooding, and destruction has been abundant.  How lucky we have been.

We did head out a couple of times in the past few days to go to the gym and a quick pit stop at the mall.  Passed by a garden with an enormous poinsettia and beautiful white roses, side by side……in bloom.  Immediately cheered us up.  Mother Nature can do that easily!

Today we headed off to Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo for the final gypsy festival before Christmas.  It was lively, very loud, and well attended.  Our purchase of the day was a huge braid of fresh garlic,  9 large heads, 4€!!!

The day was young and we were close to Tavira so off we headed.  We parked at a favourite spot and started our wandering. We both love this town very much, it’s a surprise to us that we have yet to stay here for any length of time other than day trips……one of these days.

There was a tiny Christmas Market happening in the old market building and we happened upon this……….we are still laughing.   By the way, Marc politely asked if he could take the photo.


Yes, Nun Barbie!!!!!!!  Rosary beads and all.

From here we decided to head back to Livramento and enjoy lunch at Edmundo’s, a place we’ve eaten many times and never been disappointed.  Today was no exception.  It truly was lovely to simply sit and chat over fabulous food, vinho branco for me and a cold imperial (pint) for Marc.   We never take our pleasures here for granted and are completely aware of how fortunate we are..

On our way to the restaurant, we stopped to try and find the accommodations of a friend who will arrive soon.  We think we located it but not 100% certain.  In the interim, a few fun, or lovely things, crossed our path.

A delightful day for us, both of us happy to be outside and feel the suns warmth on our skin, to spend time shoulder to shoulder with happy people basking in the return of blue skies and sunshine, and to feel so at home in our adopted winter home.   Life, as we know it, remains simply grand.




10 thoughts on “The Calm After the Storms!!

  1. Glad to see you weathered the storms safely and are now enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a place with a little garden in the Algarve? Tavira is a lovely place, I remember sitting in a restaurant along the river enjoying a drink and some snacks the very first evening of our stay there. Continue to enjoy and a very Merry Christmas to you and Mark.


  2. Having your own place in the Algarve with a pretty little garden is so you 🥰
    Merry Christmas Marc and Randy.


    1. I’d go mad with the possibilities!!!! Not to mention a few chicken. Merry Christmas to you both….see you here soon!


  3. Glad to hear that the storms have subsided and sunshine has returned. We will be there ourselves in 3 weeks so pray to the good weather Gods that the weather will be sunny and warm for the rest of our winter stay. Great pics.


    1. We are doing our naked sunshine dance as we speak!!!


      1. Ha ha….whatever works.


  4. Thanks Debbie……we are very lucky here in the Algarve compared to some other places north of here. And yes, a garden here would be my dream. If I was a few years younger it would probably be a reality!! Hope you and Fred have a fabulous Christmas with family and friends.


  5. Glad to hear you returned to sun & blue sky’s. lovely shots – especially Tavira. Beautiful Barbie’s & love the nun doll.


    1. I knew you’d like the nun doll. I haven’t forgotten your nun experience in Spain!


      1. I knew you would not forget that moment in Spain. It was such a funny moment.. LOL!


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