Tour Guides Extraordinaire!

Given Chloe and Jasmine are with us for only a few short days we’ve been heading out early morning for exploration and not arriving home until late afternoon.  I think this afternoon it’s more or less caught up with us and at the present moment, the house is extraordinarily quiet!

Yesterday morning Marc and I headed into Olhao, him to the gym and me to run a few errands and enjoy a walk along the promenade near the sea.  We arrived home around 11 and the “girls” were waiting for us to head off to the Praia de Faro, objective was to enjoy a lunch on the patio at Wax then a wander along the beach to bury our toes in the sand.  Great success on both counts!

We decided to head into Olhão as these three decided they wanted gelato!!!  After our big lunch at Wax.   I’m not certain where they put it but off we headed.  Another lovely walk along the promenade, various flavours of gelato, then following a quick stop at the grocery store, homeward bound.   Truly a full day but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a couple of rowdy games of Dixit in the evening.


This morning was an early rise as Marc had an appointment with SEF (Immigration) at 9h15 in Tavira.  Chloe and  Jasmine decided to come along and wander till we were done then we would wander together and explore.   Good news is Marc is finally processed and legal again….we now both have our second residency cards, this one good for two years.  Yahoo.

Wandering in this intense sunshine was delightful.  In and out of buildings, gardens, up and down stairs and tiny winding roads.  All pleasurable and appetite building.

The two places we wanted to go for lunch were both closed but as luck would have it, a tiny place with an outdoor patio right on the river was open and we enjoyed roasted chicken and grilled tuna.  How wonderful to sit in the sunshine for a couple of hours and simply soak up the rays in between laughter.

By early afternoon it was evident we were all ready for some quiet time and relaxation from the very early rise.  We decided to head home, make a quick stop in Fuzeta for a walk along the shoreline and harbour then home.

And so another day is coming to a close.  The fire is on, ambience only, the smell of caramelized onions as Marc is making empanadas for dinner, quiet music and soon, the sound of a cork popping as it’s just after 17h00!!!

One of my favourite photos (and finds) of the last couple of days was this gorgeous cluster of succulents, 10 feet from our car park, that is about to burst into bloom.  Enjoy.


10 thoughts on “Tour Guides Extraordinaire!

  1. Extraordinary and Fabulous touring around vicariously through you guys.


    1. Soon you’ll be here tooling around on your own and making your own adventures!!! Can’t wait.


  2. Lovely pics today. Congrats on the confirmation of the residency cards….you are good to go.

    Oh…and Marc….when you deliver our pizza to Amapola when we arrive in Portugal mid January, please make sure it has extra pepperoni OK?? Merci!!!


    1. Funny…I was thinking the same 😜😁


    2. LOL. Don’t you really mean extra chorizo?


  3. I always enjoy reading your blogs – today it was the eloquent description of reflective rays of sunlight undulating on the water and exquisite tiles below balustrades. It made me long to experience the uniqueness of Portugal again…17 sleeps sounds like forever 🥰


    1. Thanks Bonbon. Seventeen days will fly by.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great blog, I love the main picture!!
    The first house was the prettiest for me., then the third one. They look so quaint.

    I LOVED the doorway poses!! Everyone looked great. Jasmine posing under the statue was brilliant. LOL She appears to be a ball of energy indeed.
    The family photo was lovely.

    The weather looked beautiful and the pictures of the sun on the water….stunning.

    We had a balmy 7 degrees here all through the night and today. Ollie and I had a lovely walk and now I am enjoying a coffee and him, a beef bone. 🙂

    Love and hugs to all.


    1. I’m glad you’re getting mild weather. A lovely break from what might be coming if your long range forecast is to be believed. And yes, Jasmine is a bundle of energy and fun.


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