Loulé Saturday Market

Given Chloe and Jasmine are here for only one Saturday we had to decide which market we would head to today,  Loulé or Olhão.  Loulé won out as Chloe wanted to bring home some of the salt from our friendly vendor at the market and we hadn’t yet been this trip.  Two good reasons.

The day was another glorious one, intense blue sky and enveloping yellow sunshine…..both created the perfect blanket for our outing!

I am making shrimp cakes tonight and took advantage of the seafood market to purchase 1.5 kilos of fresh shrimp……..(Chloe and I just finished cleaning them!!!) The inside market, especially in the seafood area, was literally packed hip to hip.  The big sale item today seemed to be oysters as folks were lining up to purchase large bags of them.  I adore the smell of the fresh fish and I especially love the hustle and bustle of all the shoppers vying to get to the counter and get served.   It’s loud, it’s energetic and for me, so much fun to be actively a part of.

Once we had our purchases I went back to the car to put things in the cooler then we headed off to explore a little and take in a wonderful wood carving exposition that Bela had told us about.

The exposition at the Galeria de Arte do Convento do Espirito Santo was wonderful.  All of these are carved by hand in wood and the photos give you an idea but certainly cannot capture the true craftsmanship of the art.

We had decided to head home after our viewing but did stop to enjoy a beverage and people watch on the main drag for a bit.  It was simply too nice to get back in the car right away.

We also stopped at Intermarché to pick up a few grocery items including a large container of window wash for the car.  Once home I stayed behind to fill the washer dispenser and it wasn’t until I had completely filled it that I realized we did not in fact purchase window washer but car shampoo!!!!!!!  Oh well, it’s full now and we will simply have to use it.  I expect if it rains anytime soon and we have to clean the windows, our car will simply look as if it’s having a bubble bath!!!!!!  I’m certain it won’t hurt anything.

And finally, a favourite shot from today…..another beautiful plant bursting into bloom near our car part.  The flowers resemble tiny boats with little people standing in them and are probably about 1/4 of an inch long.  Exquisite.


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