Our Last Day with Chloe and Jasmine

Given this was the last full day with Chloe and Jasmine we had determined we would head off to Santa Luzia….. Santa Luzia is a freguesia (parish) in the municipality of Tavira. It is considered the “capital do Polvo” or “capital of octopus” …so guess what we were having for lunch?   From there we were heading to Barril Beach to enjoy a walk in the sand, soak up a few rays and bury our toes in the sand one last time (Chloe and Jasmine that is!)

We started off with a stop in Moncarapacho only to find out that the pottery and gift shop they wanted were both closed.  Didn’t stop us from enjoying a coffee on the town square.

After arriving in Santa Luzia we parked the car at the end of the village and enjoyed a long walk beside the sea over the promenade.  Very surprised to see how busy it was and how all the patios that were opened, were packed.  Happily, Marc had contacted the restaurant yesterday and made a reservation for us for 13h00.   When we arrived it was only that one table available…….it too was packed and the line-up all the way down the sidewalk.

Lunch was lengthy and wonderful.  I love that you are never rushed in any restaurant in Portugal.  You can sit for hours nursing a glass of vino, a cafe, whatever, and they will never rush you to leave.  With the sunshine, the scent of the sea, the wonderful food, and of course, the company, we sat for a few hours.

We took the small train over to Barril Beach, which was much more populated than I was expecting.  The sun was blazing and the waves were phenomenal.   Such sound and sight.   We all four headed off in various directions to sit, walk, dip toes in the sea or sand, or both, and simply enjoy the tranquility of the sunshine and sea air.   It really was quite lovely as you can see.

And now we are back home, the final meal preparations underway.  A roaring fire to keep us company, Aretha singing away in the background and a cork about to be popped.  We’re going to miss Chloe and Jasmine when they head off tomorrow.  They really made Christmas for us this year.

8 thoughts on “Our Last Day with Chloe and Jasmine

  1. Happy New Year you two lovebirds🥂


    1. And Happy New Year to you too mon amie…….all the very best in 2020. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you here in Portugal!


  2. Great photos & a lovely way to spend Chloe & Jasmine’s last day in Portugal. Moncarapacho looks so peaceful although too bad it’s so quiet. Barril beach is such a beautiful beach & the waves look great. I loved taking the train ride to the beach – rather quaint. Safe travels to Chloe & Jasmine! Happy New Years to all!


    1. Happy New Year to you Miss Joannie……I hope 2020 is a great one for you.


  3. Perfect last day for Chloe and Jasmine! Casa do Polvo Tasquinha never disappoints! I must say I am missing your food photos! You and Marco have been terrific hosts as always!
    Hugs and best wishes to Chloe and Jasmine on their continued adventure together and their joyful entrance into 2020!


    1. Missing the food photos huh? I suppose I could take a few just to make the old gal drool🍷🍕🥑🍠🍊


  4. I am missing the food photos as well. So, you may make a few old gals with the food photos..LOL!


    1. Geez……such a simple thing to keep a few old gals happy….consider it done…..next time I eat out……food photos will show up! Happy New Year honey!


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