Azinhal dos Mouros Hike

A glorious day for a hike, not overly hot, a beautiful blue sky, and fellow hikers to share the experience with.  Perfect for me.

Marc had opted to stay in Estoi and share his day with Bela while Harald, his friend Claus, and I headed off for the 50-minute drive into the mountains and the small village of  Ameixial.  From there we simply followed the signs another 5 minutes or so to the tiny village of Azinhal dos Mouros.

Mouros has two meanings……the Moors who conquered most of this area of Portugal or moors as in a tract of open uncultivated upland.  You see signs of both as you maneuver the many different landscapes of the trail.

This is a signposted route, passing through several points of natural and cultural interest, including the beautiful village of Azinhal dos Mouros, and the Monte dos Vermelhos. The walk is made up of old rural paths, little-used trails that often times hug the banks of the Ribeira do Vascão with several crossings of Ribeira  It really is one of the most beautiful routes in this region from my limited experience.

It stated the route was 16 kms in length and I know we got side tracked at least once because of poor signage BUT……when we finished we had hiked 19.1 kms and I have the proof…… Shakira says quite eloquently, “My Hips Don’t Lie”!!!!!

Enough of the babble……enjoy the photos, I’ll put a little something on each of them to perhaps give a little additional insight into the shot.

I can’t express enough how much I love these hikes and how thrilled I am to have Harald to share them with.  I’d never head off and do hike this length by myself and when I think what I might miss out on, well let’s just say I am grateful.

We stopped on the way home in Cortelha at Casa Dos Presuntos for what turned out to be a delicious lunch.  They were packed with loud and lively locals, a good sign, and we enjoyed lamb/wild boar dishes.  They also had an art exhibition on display…..and I took this for Marc.   And so I leave you with my friend Harald and abundant colour.


12 thoughts on “Azinhal dos Mouros Hike

  1. Wow…looks like an amazing day. I’d love to do that hike with you!


    1. It was truly amazing, as are most of the long hikes I do with Harald. I need to start carrying my walking poles, even if they are a bit cumbersome at times. The dogs are very disturbing, especially when in groups like today!!! it’s either a walking stick or wear Depends!!

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      1. Haha too funny. I can hear it now – A cute little jingle 🎶Depend on Depends🎶 being tapped out with walking sticks as you are seen running across the hilltops with a pack of Portuguese puppies nipping at your butt! 😄


  2. Great pics and story today. That was quite a hike! Wow.


    1. Thanks Ken. I am so happy I love the great outdoors and am able to do this sort of thing. These tiny, for the most part, abandoned villages are magical. I feel transported back in time.


      1. So happy that you and Marc are enjoying so many magical moments of life. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I could feel your joy in every step, every photo! Beautiful countryside and experiencing it with a fellow hiker, like Harald, doubles the pleasure! More opportunities to do it again! Great blog! xoxo


    1. Yes, I was happy for sure. It’s amazing how five hours can fly by and even though I am being physical, it simply feels as if I’ve been meditating for five hours!!


  4. Love when you go on a hike, I can picture myself walking along these beautiful paths. Aren’t the dog packs scary, have faced more than I care to mention and yes, the poles do come in handy! What a great way to spend a day, thanks for sharing.


    1. I so think of you and your camino treks most of my hikes, I never tire of the countryside and am always impressed with the variation on the trails, what I see, the flora and fauna. It’s wonderfully invigorating and makes me feel totally ALIVE, and I know you understand that.


  5. I would love to do such a hike! What a wonderful description and the photos are superb! Thank you!


    1. Merci! I am very appreciative of your comments.


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