Almond Flower Time

As soon as the first almond blossom shows up we get excited!   Excited we are!!   In another very short period, the hills and fields will be filled with shades of pink and white, a photographers paradise.

Our friend James has arrived……….and is a very happy camper to be away from the snow and cold.  We’re not sure when he might stop smiling but I doubt it will be anytime soon.


This morning Marc and myself headed off to the gym, good workout for just over an hour then home, clean up and lunch in the square. Oven roasted pork chops……tasty and tender.


From there Marc headed to the terrace with his paints and James and myself headed into Olhão to allow him a grocery shop.  It’s always amusing to me how much enjoyment is to be had simply going to the grocery store in a foreign country.

Once back from that task James and I headed out for a lovely walk in the hills near where we live.  It was heading into late afternoon and the air was starting to cool down a little, which made it perfect for walking and also the afternoon light was gorgeous.

Another wonderful day in the Algarve and with our upcoming forecast, I predict a few beach visits.   And my final shot of the day……….sublime bliss in the sunshine.  Does it get any better?


8 thoughts on “Almond Flower Time

  1. Great shots. Love the shots of the sun going down. Also, the good looking old man on the bench. Lol


    1. The sun set was beautiful. The old man on the bench was starving!


  2. I can see from the pic that James has his sandals on so looks like he has acclimatized fairly quickly. We will be in Faro Portugal 🇵🇹 Wed next week to smell the almond blossoms too. Looking forward to it. Later gator(s)


    1. Yes, he’s a sandal kind of gut….airing out his winter feet! Great weather in your forecast.


      1. Weather…it had better be good for the next 2.5 months or we are just going to have to take your hiking shoes and Marc’s paint brushes away. Ha ha…see you next week


      2. Safe travels to you both. Enjo your night in Lisboa!


  3. Yeah!!! What glorious pics to look at today! With the snow hanging on and cold winds blowing, it warms the cockles of my heart.


    1. It will be more than our cockles that will be warm next week! Counting them down. Two more dodos.


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