Last night Marc came up with a brilliant suggestion, let’s see if Harald and Bela might be interested in spending the day at Faro Beach.   The suggestion grew into, why don’t Harald and I leave early, do a lengthy walk and meet both of you (and James) at Wax for lunch?

Bingo!  It all fell into place.  The only change of plan was James came along with Harald and me and started out with us but then wandered off on a walk of his own.  We left home at 9h30, walked for 2.5 hours and met Marc and Bela on the patio at Wax at 12h37.  Gorgeous sunshine, the surf pounding, the beach fairly well occupied.  Another perfect day in our winter paradise.

This is the same walk that Marc and I had done a couple of times already this trip but today Harald and I continued the trail and according to my Fitbit we walked 15.15 kms! Given the speed with which we walked, I’m not surprised.


We walked as far as the Praia do Ancão which sits roughly halfway between Faro and Quarteira. It is also lies within the so-called “Golden Triangle” which is an area containing the Algarve’s most affluent resorts; Vale do Lobo, Vale do Garrão and Quinta do Lago.  Not at all my cup of tea.  Could be any international resort anywhere in the world, with requisite golf courses but, if it’s your cup of tea, it’s probably considered pretty  highfalutin.

On arrival at the beach, it was virtually empty.  Harald and I sat for a while and enjoyed the sunshine and the sound of the surf.  Sublime.

The walk back took us through a small pine/eucalyptus forestand upon the site of old Roman salt tanks where they salted fish and made Garum, which was a fermented fish sauce used as a condiment in the cuisines of ancient Greece, Rome, Carthage and later Byzantium.  I imagine it to be a bit like really pungent anchovy sauce.   I’d love to try it!

Marvelous walk/hike and guaranteed an appetite for us when we arrived at the beach at Faro.  As we arrived back at the car James was waiting for us, he too had enjoyed his walk and was also ravenous.  Happily, Marc and Bela had secured a table in the sun facing the sea and food wasn’t too long in coming once we ordered.   Lively conversation, good food, cold Super Bock beer, intense sunshine, the song of the surf and most of all, wonderful friends and camaraderie.


9 thoughts on “Camaraderie

    1. As well you should!! LOL Are you counting the dodos?


      1. Yep…Bonnie is counting minutes. Driving me crazy.

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  1. Great blog today…lovely photos, a little history, a few colourful flowers, beautiful scenery, interesting birds, lots of momentum, your Fitbit is getting a workout(!) and of course, the camradarie! Terrific photo of Marco and James to end a wonderful day! Blowing snow keeping me cozy here! xoxo


    1. I’ve been wondering where you had gone!! Hope you’re feeling somewhat better. The blowing snow is a sign from the universe to keep you inside.


  2. Really enjoyed the read. Love to follow your blog. How do I access. What a wonderful life you both lead.


    1. On the bottom right corner of the blog click on the word “follow”. Input your email address and send it then immediately go to your email, open the one from WordPress and click on “confirm”….each time I post a blog you will receive an email telling you. All my old posts are there, enjoy the read. Hugs…hope you are safe, dry and warm.


  3. Spectacular sunshine and spectacular photos! Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks! And Happy New Year to you also.


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