Nothing to Say!

11 thoughts on “Nothing to Say!

  1. This is the tower they were paining back in early December? It turned out beautifully! Love the flowers, especially the tiny tiny orchids!


    1. Yes, the same tower, and they did a wonderful job. You would love discovering all the tiny and gorgeous flora around here. It never ceases to bring me joy.


  2. Wonderful to see the flowers coming to life with their blossoms! This is so nice to see as we received 60+ cm of snow in Cape Breton in the last 4 days – pretty, but that’s enough.


    1. Yikes……..don’t go out and fall in a snow bank, they’ll never find you!!!!


      1. Yup! No problem as I stay away from the snowbanks. Another crazy storm on Sunday but getting out of dodge Tues and heading to Hfx until spring.

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  3. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing 🙂


  4. I LOVE the main picture! The white Osteospermum with a deep blue/black centre that turns into a gorgeous violet colour that bleeds into the snow white. Lovely.



  5. Love seeing the osteospernums…such perfection in every colour! The almond blooms always look like ‘angels’, to me, so pure! and virginal. And your wonderful lunch reminds me that it’s lunchtime here and I’m hungry! LOL! xoxo


    1. Yes, I too love those flowers. The almond trees are thickening with blooms each day. We are planning a hike for early in the week and it should be gorgeous with blooms.


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